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Bromcom Support Desk Guide

In this guide, we will cover the different methods of accessing Technical Support for those who have purchased support from Bromcom (as opposed to a third party support centre, such as your Local Authority).

You can also find support on the Bromcom Online Community where you can tap into a network of thousands of Bromcom users.

For information on how to raise a development idea and the development process see How Customer Ideas Get Developed

It covers our:

Who can contact Support

For security purposes, technical support is provided to authorised contacts only. These are individuals nominated by a registered contact from the school to raise case with us (see next section). Parents are also not able to use the Bromcom helpdesk.

If you are unable to login and the reset password process is not working for you, please email customercareteam@bromcom.com

Adding new Contacts for Support

Once you are in the Transition support phase with Bromcom, the School or Trust (usually the person responsible for implementing Bromcom) will provide contacts for each school.

These contacts are then added to the system by Bromcom; we will send these contacts an email invitation within 2 working days, with a link to register to the Bromcom support site (help.bromcom.com), which must be used within 24 hours.

Once individuals have registered to the Bromcom support site, they can then Create, Edit, or Deactivate contacts for their school on the Support Site (help.bromcom.com) as below;

Go to help.bromcom.com

Click Sign In

Once you have signed in from the My Support drop down click Contacts

Manage Contacts

From here you can +Create, Edit or Deactivate contacts.

If you have added further contacts to the school, Bromcom will review the request, if validated, these individuals are sent an email invitation within 2 working days with a link to register to the Bromcom support site, which must be used within 24 hours.

Please note that staff members who have not received training from the school or Bromcom, will not be sent login details to the Support Portal.

You can book the relevant training Bromcom Basics – Primary and Secondary via this link.

How you can contact Support

Support is available via the Phone (020 8290 7177), Online Chat, or via our online Support Site, which allows you to raise cases and exchange messages with our agents https://help.bromcom.com/.

The opening hours are as follows:

Phonelines: open from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday except on Wednesdays when the lines are open from 08:00 to 16:00 hours, to allow for staff training. 

Online Chat: open 08:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday. Primary schools only.

Web cases: can be raised 24/7, 365 days per year.

Bromcom Support Site – https://help.bromcom.com/.

What is the best method to contact support?

The contact channel you choose should depend on the nature of your query.

Phone – calling us is generally the fastest way to get an answer to your query.

Online Chat – chat is best for simpler queries, as we cannot see your screen or hear you describe the problem. For more complex or detailed questions, try calling us instead. Please note online chat is only available for Primary schools.

Web case – for complex, detailed queries and those that require screen shots and examples, its best to raise a web case.  For any case raised online, make sure you add as much detail as possible into the case so we can get to work without having to contact you for more information. If you request a call back on your case, please be aware you will need to give the Service Password (see next section).

The web portal must be used when replying to cases with the support team. We do not except communication via email.

Phone Support Service Password

Bromcom support can be reached on 020 8290 7177.

To access Phone Support, you must provide a Service Password. This can be viewed on help.bromcom.com under Your Name > Profile.

Support Site>Your Name>Profile

IMPORTANT! Your Service Password is a shared password for the whole school and all Authorised Contacts will need to provide it when they call support. Making changes to the password should be managed carefully.

Information to provide to Support

In order for us to meet our SLA to you, we need the right information about the query or incident at the point the case is raised. This prevents us having to contact you for further information to help us resolve the case.

Each issue or query requires a separate ticket, even if they relate to the same school, module or process.

When raising cases, you should include the following:

  • The module you are working in
  • The path to the area (example, Reporting > Reports>List Reports>KS2 tracker)
  • The priority of the call
  • A description of the issue including;
    • What the issue is
    • Where the issue exists
    • When the issue happens
    • Whether the issue is reproducible and if so how – providing full steps to recreate including full screen prints and relevant audit reports as attachments
    • Whether anyone else is experiencing the issue
    • Whether there has been any change to the system recently, prior to which the issue did not exist
    • Screen dumps and/or sample reports of error messages

Here is an example of a case where there is not enough information for us to progress it without having to contact you.

Example of how not to raise a case

Here is an example of case with enough information that we can get working on it straight away.

Example of how to raise a case

Prioritising your Support Requests

Our Support Desk operates according to a Service-Level Agreement (SLA). This means the Priority of the ticket determines how quickly we will aim to respond and provide a resolution. 

Categories: You will need to set a Category. A Service request is a query or request for support. An Incident is a loss of functionality.

Priorities: You also need to set the ticket Priority. Priority is determined by a combination of Impact x Urgency. The prioritisation grid below guides you through the prioritisation levels:

Note that System Down status is level 0 and this is treated as the highest priority regardless of Impact and Urgency.

Service Status

You can check out the status of the Cloud on the Service Status page accessed through the support portal. Make sure you subscribe to get updates.

Our Service Level Agreement

Once the Category and Priority are applied to the ticket, the SLA in the tables below determine the target response and resolution times we will work to.

Where we can, Bromcom will always try to provide workarounds to any incidents, so that schools can carry on with their day to day tasks.

Note: All targets are based on working hours/days (8am – 5pm Monday to Friday, and 8am – 4pm on Wednesdays), excluding bank holidays.

  • SLAs are suspended in circumstances where Bromcom is awaiting a response, a workaround has been provided or where an issue is resolved but a data fix is still needed to fully resolve the case.
  • Service Request raised by Support Centres are not subject to SLA.
  • Bromcom’s availability SLA (>99%) applies 365 days per year.

Service Request SLA 

Priority LevelResponse TargetResolution TargetDescription
3 – High1 Day4 DaysRequests for support which, if they are not answered, have a high impact (see prioritisation grid above). These are likely to be concerning business critical modules (e.g. Attendance, Census)
4 – Medium2 Days8 DaysRequests for support which, if they are not answered, have a medium impact (see prioritisation grid above). These are likely to be concerning business critical modules (e.g. Attendance, Census)
5 – Low3 Days30 DaysRequests for support that have a low impact on the running of the school (see prioritisation grid above)
6 – Very Low4 Days45 DaysVery minor queries that have minimal or no impact on the running of the system in the school; for example, checking how something might be done in a future hypothetical scenario.
Service Request SLA

 Incident SLA 

Priority LevelResponse TargetResolution Target*Description
1 – System Down1 Hour4 HoursNo access to the MIS or subsidiary services, MCAS, VLE or Vision
2 – Critical2 Hours1.5 DaysTotal loss of functionality in a business critical module (e.g. Attendance, Census) that has a critical impact (see prioritisation grid above)
3 – High4 Hours3 DaysLoss of functionality, likely to be in a business critical module (e.g. Attendance, Census), that has a high impact (see prioritisation grid above)
4 – Medium8 Hours6 DaysLoss of functionality in a non-business critical module (e.g. MCAS) that has a medium impact (see prioritisation grid above)
5 – Low16 Hours30 DaysLoss of functionality in a non-business critical software product (e.g. MCAS) that has a low impact (see prioritisation grid above)
6 – Very Low32 Hours45 DaysQueries and requests that do not have any impact on the school (see prioritisation grid above)
Incident SLA

*Subject to release schedule.

Checking Known Issues

The Known Issues Page of the Support Site lists Medium, High, and Critical defects in Bromcom and is updated daily.

How to view Known Issues on the Support Site

Click on an item to see the replication steps, along with the details of the expected and actual results.

You can also use this page to see the Estimated and Planned Resolution Dates, where these are available.

  • Estimated Resolution Date:  this is the latest date that the fix is currently scheduled for. This date is subject to change and can either be brought forward or moved back. Not all items will have an Estimated Resolution Date. 
  • Planned Resolution Date: If the fix will go out sooner than the Estimated Resolution Date, the date will be listed here. Not all issues have a Planned Resolution Date.

The Recently Resolved tab shows all defects resolved in the last 30 days.

Note that the Known Issues displays a list of known defects, rather than outages or temporary interruptions to service. These performance issues will still be listed on our Service Status Page https://status.bromcomcloud.com/

We aim to provide a workaround for every Known Issue and the timeline for fixing the issue.

How to reset your Support Portal Username or Password

You can reset your password from the login page https://help.bromcom.com/

Click the Forgot Username or Password? button shown below.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-17.png
Resetting individual Password

If your email is found on the system, you will receive an email from SupportDesk@bromcom.com containing your Username and an option to reset your Password.

The email you will receive with your login credentials

If you already have your credentials and wish to change them at any point, this can be done on the Support Site. Sign In > Click Your Name > Click Profile > Click Change Password.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-24.png
Changing Individual Password

How to Escalate Support Cases

You can request an update on your case at any time by calling or messaging the support team and quoting your case reference number, or adding a Portal Comment to your case. Our support desk agents review any updates to their cases daily.

If you are not happy with the response or service on a particular case, you can email customercareteam@bromcom.com.

Please do not take out your frustration at the handling of a particular case on any of our front line staff. Read Bromcom’s zero tolerance policy towards abusive, threatening or hostile behaviour towards our staff.

Why did my case close?

Each case you raise with us has a Status. When you first raise a case the status is Open. Throughout the lifecycle of the case we will update the Status which provides you with information on its progress.

Two of the Statuses will auto close the case after six working days if there is no response, these are:

Awaiting Response – Occasionally cases are logged with insufficient information. In these instances the support agent will set the status of the case to Awaiting Response and ask for additional information such as examples and replication steps. If no response is received in six days the case will close and the status will show as Closed (Automatic).

Resolved & Awaiting Confirmation – This status indicates the case has been resolved but is awaiting confirmation from the you before it is closed. If no response is received in six days the case will close and the status will show as Closed (Automatic).

You can reopen your case on the Support Site by writing a comment on the case.

Updated on April 30, 2024

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