Bromcom AI

What is Bromcom AI?

Bromcom AI is the UK’s first AI powered MIS, an innovative school management information system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve school operations and student outcomes. It represents a breakthrough in school management by providing real-time data analytics and insights that help school leaders make informed decisions and improve student performance.

Bromcom AI has several key features that set it apart from traditional school management systems. These features and impact on the school life include:

  • Intelligent Data Analytics: Bromcom AI uses AI to analyse large amounts of data in real-time, providing school leaders with valuable insights into student performance, teacher effectiveness, and overall school operations
  • Predictive Analytics: Bromcom AI can predict future student outcomes based on current data trends, allowing school leaders to intervene and provide targeted support to students who may be at risk of falling behind
  • Automated Reporting: Bromcom AI can automatically generate reports on student performance, teacher effectiveness and other key metrics, saving school leaders valuable time and resources
  • Streamlined Communication: Bromcom AI offers a central platform for communication between school staff, parents, and students, making it easier to coordinate efforts and keep everyone informed with added benefit of breaking down language barrier

How does Bromcom AI work?

Bromcom AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyse student and staff performance data and provide insights to help teachers and administrators make informed decisions. Bromcom AI has its own language model developed and processed by Bromcom based on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. This language model is designed specifically for Bromcom MIS as data source. Bromcom AI also integrates with Open AI to be able to answer non-Bromcom related queries. Bromcom AI utilises ChatGPT APIs to provide answers for any non-Bromcom related questions.

Bromcom AI leverages AI and machine learning algorithms designed for you to analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, providing valuable insights into school operations, student performance and more. The system is user-friendly and accessible, enabling school leaders to access data and insights quickly and easily, from any device.

Technical Highlights & Key Features

  • No data held in your Bromcom database is shared or processed with any organisation outside of Bromcom or UK
  • Any personal information the user chooses to enter via the chat function in ChatGPT on Bromcom’s MIS will be held by OpenAI who will be the data controller for this information
  • Bromcom AI Hybrid – alongside Bromcom’s Language Model allows you question the data held in Bromcom MIS, it integrates with Open AI via ChatGPT APIs to provide answers for more generic questions that is not related to the Bromcom MIS
  • Accessible from any page and remembers previous conversations
  • Quick tools to copy, share and give feedbacks

Bromcom AI is a revolutionary school management information system that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance school operations and improve student outcomes. It represents a breakthrough in school management by providing real-time data analytics and insights that enable school leaders to make data-driven decisions, leading to positive outcomes for their students.

The Bromcom AI comprises of the following 2 main areas:


The Bromcom AI Chatbot, integrated within the MIS application is designed to provide automated and interactive responses to user’s questions, prompts or inquiries.

 The Bromcom AI Chatbot is categorised into the following 3 areas:

1. Public Information: This feature provides an opportunity for schools to access public information. The Bromcom AI leverage chat GPT via Open AI to access public information from the internet resources into its responses.

2. School related Data: This feature enables users to ask diverse array of questions or make inquiries on the student or staff related data. It’s important to emphasize that the school’s data remains secure and confidential, as it is neither shared nor processed by any third parties and is stored within Bromcom’s secure cloud network. This is a service that needs to be subscribed. If you wish to be part of the piloting, please contact sales team.

The school related data area is split into the following domains:

Student DetailsBromcom AI delivers user-specific responses grounded in comprehensive student information. It efficiently addresses user queries related to student details, ensuring informative and precise responses. The system adeptly manages a broad spectrum of questions concerning various aspects of student data, including but not limited to Pupil Premium eligibility, Free School Meals (FSM) status, ethnicity, and more. This multifaceted approach to student information equips educators and administrators with the knowledge necessary for effective student support and academic planning.  Effective Student support and academic planning
Student AttendanceBromcom AI adeptly responds to user inquiries regarding student attendance details, demonstrating its versatility in handling a wide range of attendance-related questions. Users can inquire about various attendance metrics, from identifying students with less than 80% attendance over the last three months to obtaining lists of students with specific attendance criteria, like those below 90% or absent on Fridays. The system can also provide insights into attendance trends, such as the year group or student with the worst attendance, and even the pupils who have achieved perfect attendance.Enhanced student attendance monitoring and reporting
Student BehaviourUsers can ask questions on various student behaviour analytics based on Positive pointsNegative pointsNeutral aspectsYear group/form groupGender, ethnicity, Disability, PP etc..   In addition to the above, the AI system adeptly manages tasks such as providing lists of students eligible for reward trips, identifying year groups or classes with the highest frequency of negative behavior, pinpointing behavior hotspots within the school, and facilitating behavior data comparisons, including those involving Pupil Premium students, gender-based assessments, and speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN)Better classroom management and improved student behaviour
Student DetentionsBromcom AI furnishes users with comprehensive responses related to student detentions. This includes historical information about student detentions, listings of students subject to detentions, data concerning the types of detentions students have received, details about the staff members responsible for overseeing detentions, and the designated locations for detentions. Furthermore, the AI system excels at offering detention-related insights across various key groups, encompassing year groups, gender, pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium (PP), students with Free School Meals (FSM), Looked After Children (LAC), and diverse ethnic backgrounds, contributing to a well-informed approach in managing student behaviour and consequences.Better informed decisions and take proactive steps to address any potential issues
Student InterventionsBromcom AI delivers comprehensive responses to users, drawing upon an array of data related to student interventions. This includes the provision of student lists connected to interventions, quantifying the frequency of student interventions, and presenting intervention data segmented across key demographic groups, including year groups, gender, Pupil Premium (PP) recipients, Free School Meals (FSM) qualifiers, Looked After Children (LAC), and diverse ethnic backgrounds. These insights empower educational stakeholders to make informed decisions and offer targeted support to students through tailored intervention strategies.  Better data driven insights and streamlined management to address student’s specific needs
Student AssignmentsBromcom AI offers users comprehensive responses based on a wide array of data related to student assignments. This includes: Access to lists of students with assigned homeworkThe ability to calculate the total number of assignments, identification of the teachers responsible for assigning the tasks.Tracking homework submission data, monitoring overdue assignments Segmenting assignment data across key demographic groups like year groups, gender, students eligible for the Pupil Premium (PP), those receiving Free School Meals (FSM), Looked After Children (LAC), and various ethnic backgrounds.Enables schools to make informed decisions, tailor support and enhance the overall assignment management process for student success
Staff DetailsBromcom AI offers responses to users, drawing upon a wealth of data pertaining to staff details. This encompasses historical records of past employees, details related to retirement status, age, and gender of current and former staff members, as well as information on their start and end dates of employment. Additionally, the AI system provides staff-specific data for those who have left or retired, offers insights segmented across key groups such as gender, teaching subjects, year groups, and ethnicity. It also facilitates tracking the status of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, Single Central Record (SCR) status, and document verification.  Streamlines administrative processes and ensures compliance within the educational institution
Staff AttendanceBromcom AI offers comprehensive insights into staff management, encompassing the presence and absence status of individual staff members or groups, the tracking of leaves taken, including both planned and unplanned absences, and data on high and low leave frequency dates. Moreover, it provides detailed attendance statistics segmented by key groups such as gender, staff roles, and ethnicity, offering a comprehensive view of staff engagement. The system also manages and categorizes leave data based on different types of leaves.  Streamlines staff management in a more efficient and informed administrative process
People CommunicationBromcom AI empowers users with insights into interpersonal communication within the institution. This includes data on the number of communications within specified time ranges and segmented across key groups, as well as details regarding the staff members who have been contacted. Additionally, the system highlights patterns by identifying the highest and lowest frequencies of communication among different key groups, contributing to more informed decision-making. It also assists in monitoring and understanding parental responsibilities.Provides various metrics on effective communication between schools and the parents/guardians
Scheduling (Timetable, Cover & Room availability)Bromcom AI offers users essential information regarding operational aspects within the schools on staff availability for covering tasks on a given day, the current availability and usage status of rooms, and timely timetable information.  Efficient resource allocation and help streamline daily operations within the school.

3. MIS product-related queries: This features allows the users to ask questions related to the product functionalities. When enabled, the chatbot will query the knowledgebase and guide the user. If the chatbot cannot provide a response, please review how the question has been worded. If an appropriate response has still not been received, please contact your support centre.

4. Built-in Workflows

Automated content creation via Quick letterBromcom AI leverages Chat GPT through OpenAI to create content for quick letters ail communications addressed to parents, students or staff. This is achieved in accordance with parameters specified by the user, such as subject, tone and length of the content. Additionally, it provides the capability to translate the content into multiple languages, facilitating communication in the preferred language of parents.   Assists schools in time saving by harnessing AI-generated content, resulting in enhanced and expedited communication
Automated content creation via Send SMS/EmailBromcom AI leverages Chat GPT through OpenAI to create content for sending SMS and Email communications addressed to Staff, Parents, Students or Student groups. This is achieved in accordance with parameters specified by the user, such as subject, tone and length of the content. Additionally, it provides the capability to translate the content into multiple languages, facilitating communication in the preferred language of parents.   Assists schools in time saving by harnessing AI-generated content, resulting in enhanced and expedited communication
Ability to generate automated lesson plan contentBromcom AI harnesses Chat GPT from OpenAI to access online learning materials, assisting users in crafting lesson plans and providing references for teachers. The content generation aligns with the user-defined parameters which includes subject, year group, and topic. The AI generated content adheres to the format specified by the teacher, encompassing elements like titles, descriptions, the number of contents, and pertinent details for each content.Enhanced accessibility to the latest and most comprehensive educational resources, ensuring a high-quality learning experience
Ability to generate automated quiz contentBromcom AI harnesses Chat GPT from OpenAI to customise and tailor the quiz content that aligns with the school’s curriculum standards. The AI generates the content in accordance with parameters specified by user which includes subject, year group, topic, format of questions. The generated content encompasses the elements such as question format type, question title, description with appropriate answer choices and answer explanation.  Improved assessment process with more efficient and diversified content for a high standard learning
Ability to generate automated homework contentBromcom AI utilizes Chat GPT to simplify the homework content creation process for teachers. This allows them This allows them to efficiently develop engaging and academically challenging assignments tailored to specific learning objectives and individual student requirements. The AI generates content according to user-defined parameters, such as subject, year group, and topic, resulting in a variety of homework tasks that directly relate to the topic and include relevant online referencesAdvanced quality of assignments that are thought provoking and critical thinking that enhances students’ problem-solving skills

Key Characteristics of Bromcom AI

Custom Language ModelBromcom AI’s own Language Model developed specifically for Bromcom MIS databaseSchools Data are not shared or processed by any third parties and kept within Bromcom’s Cloud Network
Hybrid with Open AIAlongside Bromcom’s own Language Model, Bromcom AI utilises Open AI’s ChatGPT APIs to bring the 2 sources together to give the best output for the questions askedAllows users to be able to ask questions that is not related to their schools and generic assistance, without risking the data be shared outside of Bromcom’s Cloud Network
Available in Every ScreenEasily accessible from any screen within Bromcom MISAt any point during your work, you can get assistance from Bromcom AI with one click. Bromcom AI is available on any screen to provide immediate support required
**Access Previous ConversationsMost recent questions and conversations are accessible within Bromcom AI pop-upSave time by avoiding reconstructing the questions and refer them anytime from anywhere.
Single Click CopyBromcom AI allows you copy whole response with a single clickAllows you to copy the generated response and paste anywhere inside or outside of Bromcom MIS
**Share ResponsesBromcom AI allows you to share generated responses with othersWith single click, you can share generated responses with other users in the system
**Provide FeedbackSystem allows you provide feedback with LIKE and UNLIKE iconsFeedback allows system to improve itself by understanding the quality of the responses.

** The rows highlighted in asterisk are not yet implemented and scoped in our future roadmap

Future Developments

  • Ability for users to ask questions on Student Performance
  • Ability for users to ask questions on Staff Performance
  • Ability for users to ask questions on Parent Transactions
  • Ability to create automated report comments based on Assessment marksheets.
  • Ability to create a student summary report based on various parameters of student data that can be sent over to parents/guardians.
  • Ability to suggest interventions or strategies to populate support documents such as EHCP or IEP based on student profile data.
  • Ability for teachers to analyse marksheets and summarise into a report based on various parameters of the assessment.
  • Ability to generate a summary of trends and highlights based on the student behaviour analysis.