What is HR?

The HR area of Bromcom allows schools to manage staff members and processes such as leave requests and expenses claims. Schools have the ability to allow staff members to ‘self serve’: they can submit leave requests, expenses claims, additional hours claims, and also make changes to their personal information.

Schools can give different permissions to different staff units, and therefore have full control over who can make different claims. Each type of request can also have its own approval process, providing even more granularity over how requests are handled.

Performance Management allows schools to create and track their staff members’ objectives. These objectives can be linked to school objectives and users can also track reviews or appraisal meetings, and attach any notes or important documentation as evidence. Any CPD that staff members complete can also be added to the system, and used as evidence of progress against objectives.

Schools can also create their organisational structure, creating line management and direct report relationships between staff members.

Schools can also keep track of their SCR data, ensuring that their staff records are up-to-date.

Features and Benefits

  • Allow staff to create leave requests, expenses claims, additional hours claims and personal detail changes
  • Create different approval processes for different types of claim, and even for different groups of staff
  • Create school objectives, and monitor how staff members are helping your school achieve its goals
  • Monitor staff progress against their own objectives, and keep notes from any appraisal or review meetings that take place
  • Create the organisational structure of your school in Bromcom, allowing line managers to track their direct reports’ progress
  • View and manage your SCR, ensuring that data is up-to-date and accurate

Key Features

FeaturesWhat it DoesBenefits
HRAllows staff members to submit HR requests/claimsStaff can ‘self-serve’ requests, rather than office staff having to enter this data
Schools can set up multiple approval processes for different request types and different staff units
Different staff units can have different permissions, so schools have complete control over which staff members can make which requests
Performance Management moduleAllows schools to track school and staff objectives, and manage/record any reviews or appraisalsAs part of the MIS, schools no longer need to invest in third party applications to manage their staff performance
Line Managers and HR staff can quickly and easily see how staff are progressing with their objectives
Any meetings can be scheduled and data recorded, keeping all of the performance management information in one place
CPD LoggingCPD activities can be recorded individuallyCPD can be linked to objectives, creating a full picture of how a staff member is approaching and achieving their objectives
SCR ManagementView and manage SCR dataEnsure that required staff data is up-to-date and accurate all from one place in the MIS

General Functionality

FeatureWhat it DoesBenefits
Organisational structureCreate your school’s organisational structure in your MISLine managers will be able to see and manage their direct reports’ progress against objectives
Track school objectivesCreate school objectives, against which staff objectives can be trackedEnsure the whole team is working towards the same goal by creating school objectives with linked staff objectives
Monitor your school’s progress against these objectives in real time
Track staff objectivesCreate staff objectives, and monitor staff members’ progressStaff objectives can be linked to school objectives, reviews/appraisals and CPD, giving managers and staff members a complete view of how that objective is being met
Reviews, appraisals, and other meetingsCreate data records for reviews or appraisals, so that a record is kept of decisions made, etcSchedule reviews and other performance management-related meetings
Log the content of the meeting, and upload any relevant documentation
Link reviews to CPD and objectives to create a complete view of your staff’s performance management
Alerts and remindersAdd diary entries and reminders to staff members’ calendars for reviews, other meetings, and even for CPD eventsEnsure that your staff members’ diaries are up to date with all performance management meetings, reducing missed meetings and increasing preparedness for these meetings
Create records of CPD events attendedLog CPD events, including staff notes and any related documentation. Link CPD to objectives as evidence of progress against that objectiveCPD is a crucial part of staff’s performance management, so linking CPD to objectives and staff members’ records means schools can make effective decisions about CPD in their school
Leave requests and claimsLog leave requests, additional hours claims and expenses claimsEnter HR data on each staff member’s Staff Record
HR Self-ServeEnable staff to create their own HR requests and claimsAllow staff members to create HR requests and claims, according to the permissions and approval process that have been setup
Staff management of their own Performance ManagementStaff will be able to monitor and manage their own objectives and CPDEmpower staff by allowing them to manage their own objectives, adding relevant data or entering CPD that they have been on
Create a library of CPDCreate CPD events that teachers can sign up for. Line managers can assign these items to their team membersBy creating CPD entries for required training courses (eg GDPR), schools can monitor the completion and effectiveness of those courses
Create a curated library of CPD for your staff. By offering CPD that schools know are effective, schools can gain more confidence in their performance management and the training their staff are receiving
Set rules for approval of CPD eventsSet cost and/or time limits at which point approval is needed for CPDHelps schools manage their CPD outlay efficiently and cost-effectively
Assign CPD to staffBulk assign CPD to staff membersCPD can be assigned to one or many staff members. This is useful for statutory CPD, such as Safeguarding training
Improved ‘My Team’ visibilityAn improved ‘My Team’ screen for managersEasily view team members’ objectives, HR requests on one page
Easier SCR generationSimple process to create a standard SCRThe Excel add-in will remain for those who require more complex SCRs, but we will also add the option to generate a simple SCR with just a few clicks
Contract Document TemplatesCreate templates for your contract documentsKeep a set of contract document templates so you can easily create consistent documents for your staff members
Spinal ProgressionBulk update staff pay using spinal progressionAllows users to update pay records in bulk, and choose when the updates will take place

Future Developments

Staff surveys and forms. Create surveys and send them out to staff to get their feedbackForms created in the MIS can be saved to staff members’ records and also update fields within the MIS
Leave PoliciesSet up leave policies for different staff members or groups of staff membersTrack employee leave and ensure that your school’s policies are enforced across your staff workforce