Primary Tracker

What is Primary Tracker?

Bromcom’s Primary Tracker is an assessment tool built especially with Primary Schools in mind. It is easy to setup, doing away with the complexities assessment tools often have and provides you with visual, user-friendly Marksheets for entering marks and a set of powerful yet simple tools to help you analyse your Primary Assessment data. It’s always being updated too, to make it even more powerful and customisable.

The Primary Tracker supports Summative Assessment, Formative Assessment, the Early Years Foundation Stage and Test Scores.

The Primary Tracker uses a wizard-style approach to help you get up-and-running. Each wizard is tailored to the Assessment type it supports and you can customise the Assessment type to suit how your school works.

Once the wizard has been, run you are ready to start entering data into the Marksheets. The Primary Tracker Marksheets have been designed to be clear and uncluttered, giving teachers tools to reduce the time spent entering data, and giving them immediate feedback by using colour-coding to indicate the level each student is working at.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick setup using a wizard-style approach to configure Assessment
  • Marksheets are designed to save teacher time with several tools to help them quickly and easily complete their data entry
  • Quickly analyse your Primary Assessment data using analysis tools which have been created to help you identify gaps as quickly as possible
FeatureWhat it doesBenefits
Secure, cloud-based logging and analysis of primary assessmentAs part of the cloud-based MIS package, allows users to securely manage Primary Assessment over the internet24/7 access to information from any web-connected device
All users with the relevant permissions have immediate access to Assessment information
Automatically backed-up storage of Assessment
Guaranteed ISO 27001 compliance for top security
Assessment data integrated with MIS dataAllows schools to record student assessment directly within the MIS without the need for third-party solutionsAll primary assessment information is held securely in one place
Lower training needs as users familiar with interface
Lower TOC as no third-party package fees
No need to rely on exporting data from the MIS into other tools
Summative assessment marksheetsSchools can input their summative assessment resultsQuickly input summative assessment results, and view them in a marksheet alongside MIS data
Calculate students average formative score based to inform your teacher’s summative assessments
Show progress based on movement between different grades
Formative assessment marksheets and analysisInput pupil’s progress against the DfE’s curriculum, or specify your own programme of studyInput formative assessment, using the DfE’s formative statements
Record evidence of work
Choose to use your own statements, or the DfE’s statements
Option to create your own termly Programme of Study
View and mark summative results, allowing you to base your summative judgements on formative results.
Early Years marksheets and analysisAssess students throughout their early yearsInput student progress and record evidence of work
Help ensure students attain GLD status
Choose to use your own statements, or Development Matters’ statements
Tests scores and analysisInput test resultsScores can be converted to standardised scores, and graded based on score thresholds
Marksheet toolsMarksheets have a set of tools to make data input as quick and simple as possibleFlood fill – fill in a whole row or column with the same grade, and then edit the exceptions
Download/Export – export your data to do further analysis or reporting
Bring Forward – copy results from a previous term, so only changes need to be inputted
Record Evidence – upload evidence of progress against a statement
Colour-code – show or hide the colour codes for grades
Add/Remove columns – add data from the MIS dataset, such as whether students are SEN or PPI
Flip Axes – invert the default setting of the marksheet (student list on the left, statements/subjects along the top), to enter marks in whichever way is more comfortable for you
Mark input direction – for test scores, define where the cursor goes when you tab between cells
Prior Attainment Map analysis toolAnalyse students’ progress from one assessment point to anotherView how pupils are progressing from one assessment point to the next
See who is improving, falling behind, or progressing along your expected path
Provides a colour-coded grid showing pupil’s assessment data compared between two assessment points
Ideal for class teachers to immediately see how their class is progressing.
Diminish the Difference analysis toolSee the difference in results between two groupsAnalyse the gaps between different groups of pupils. See if Pupil Premium students are falling behind non-Pupil Premium students, or whether EAL students are struggling to keep up
A dashboard view that shows any gaps between student groups, allowing you to identify where your resources are best used.
Subject Triangulation analysis toolView assessment results across up to three different subjectsA Venn diagram report that shows how pupils are progressing in multiple subjects
View strengths and weaknesses for whole groups at a glance
Provide SLTs and teachers with a great visual way of viewing a group’s assessment results across multiple subjects at once.
Depth of Knowledge analysis toolSee how pupils are performing against curriculum statementsTrack pupil’s progress against formative assessment statements
Helps catch pupils who are falling behind early, or where specific aspects of the curriculum need to be re-visited.
Attainment Overview analysis toolSee how groups of students are performing against their AREs, across a range of subjects and assessment pointsThe Attainment Overview will show you how a group of students, and the sub-groups within it, are performing against their Age Related Expectations
View the data across multiple assessment points and subjects at the same time
A complete view of a group’s summative attainment.
Primary Overview ReportCombine multiple assessment types and statutory results on one reportThe Primary Overview Report will allow you to look at different assessment results in the Primary Tracker on one screen
Statutory results can also be added from the standard Assessment marksheets, giving a complete view of pupils’ assessment over time.
Easy/configurable setupUse setup wizards to configure Primary Assessment to the needs of the individual schoolCustomise the gradesets to the school’s individual approach
Colour-code grades so results can be easily understood at a glance
Apply your own age-related expectations to year groups
Choose which groups are assigned which assessment types
Only use the assessment types that your school wants to use

*Future Planned Developments