What is Safeguarding in Bromcom?

The Safeguarding module in Bromcom helps schools effectively manage their safeguarding obligations whilst streamlining and simplifying the process for teachers and school staff. The Safeguarding module is embedded into the MIS to make recording Safeguarding simple for all school staff, using a system that is already familiar to them. The Safeguarding lead is empowered with rich reporting capabilities that help to evidence, audit and intervene in Safeguarding cases and concerns. Use the Safeguarding module to enhance all your good Safeguarding practice whilst also reducing staff workload, paperwork, administration and costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based logging, monitoring and reporting of Safeguarding allows users to access information 24/7 from any web-connected device
  • Reduces paperwork and combines all Safeguarding information in one system whilst building chronologies and profiles for individuals
  • Highly secure, the Safeguarding module is built with ISO27001 compliance and only allows access to relevant staff who need to know using access permissions
  • Improves GDPR compliance by eliminating the need for sharing sensitive and confidential information with third parties or outside of the school system
  • Quickly access powerful insights and patterns using rich reporting capabilities to help evidence, audit and intervene in a timely manner
FeatureWhat it doesBenefits
Safeguarding and wellbeing monitoring integrated with MIS dataAllows school to monitor and record Safeguarding and wellbeing issues for students directly within the MIS without the need for third-party solutionsAll the information you have about a child including their Safeguarding logs are held neatly in one place
More streamlined workflow when logging and monitoring Safeguarding issues
Lower training needs as users familiar with interface
Lower administrative burden as no data connectors or data exchange is required
Lower total overall cost as no third-party package fees
Less complex GDPR compliance management as fewer data processing agreements to monitor
Easy to assign, granular and role-based permissions to access Safeguarding logsAllows school to set different levels of access to Safeguarding and wellbeing data depending on the specific school-based roles assigned to UsersEnsures all stakeholders have the level of access they need to effectively perform their role in the Safeguarding process
Does not expose sensitive and confidential information to those who do not need it which Improves GDPR compliance for the data controller
Rich, cross-domain reporting on Safeguarding from within the MISSchools can create reports on Safeguarding logs and include related data from other areas of the MIS, like Attendance, Behaviour, health background and contact detailsQuickly build more comprehensive reports with access to all MIS data
Easier analysis of a multitude of available information allows patterns to be spotted and dots to be joined more quickly
Incident logging with audit trailSafeguarding incidents are logged in the system and a detailed log of any changes made by users is recorded Full transparency available for Safeguarding leads. All incidents and changes are recorded so that nothing is ever missed
Alterations to incidents can be tracked so errors can be followed-up and rectified
Linked actions and communication logsFollow-up actions and communications are recorded and linked to incidents for cross-referenceImprove outcomes by evidencing any follow-up actions
Improve information flow by having a history of communications related to the incident
Body maps for precise and detailed incident logsUsers can mark-up a graphical representation of the human body to indicate and signs of traumaAccurate and detailed information is recorded. This precision is a vital tool when developing responses to Safeguarding incidents
Visual representations make the information clear and understandable to stakeholders
Incident graphs and timelines for pattern analysisA graph shows categorised incidents over time for a studentBuild a chronology of events against a student’s record
Helps identify trends and patterns quickly which aids timely intervention
Visually represents complex data to help Safeguarding and pastoral staff identify risks
Safeguarding tab on Student Details pageAll Safeguarding information is held together in an area of the Student Details pageData stored neatly and logically against the Student in the MIS
Easy to find for those with permissions to access
Customisable and Safeguarding specific roles and permissionsMIS Administrator does not have automatic access rights to Safeguarding information but does have access rights to create Safeguarding roles with varying degrees of access to Safeguarding dataTotal security of sensitive and confidential Safeguarding information
Different users only see the level of detail that the Safeguarding lead deems appropriate for the role
Customisable Safeguarding lookup tablesThe Safeguarding module is customisable by the school to include specific incident categories, status types, involved agencies, etceteraAll school Safeguarding and wellbeing policies can be fully supported and utilised
No need to change semantics to suit the system
Add Incident operation from multiple locationsOn various pages within the MIS, it is possible to start the process of adding a Safeguarding incidentLogging Safeguarding incidents is quick and not dependent on being in one specific location within the system
The interface is intuitive and does not require a high level of training
Quick incident entry availableQuick incident entry is an entry type with fewer required fields before submitting for actionFor utmost speed and urgency, the quick entry allows the bare minimum to be input before alerting Safeguarding leads
The incident can be revisited through the Student Details page to complete further details at a later stage
Reduces effort and time required to commence the safeguarding process
Safeguarding pages are automatically configured for specific role permissionsFor example, an Acknowledged checkbox on the incident will only show for the Safeguarding Lead roleMakes the system more intuitive
Page layouts are clean and simple showing only the required elements
Improves the integrity of logged incidents and actions
Main incident logging pageThe details of the incident are logged on this page.The interface is simple yet captures all the required information about the incident
Date and time are entered automatically but can be changed
The incident status, category and involved agencies are set based on school defined types
The incident detail is free text entry and the body map can be optionally marked
Acknowledged boxAllows Safeguarding lead to tick to record that they have recognised the occurrence of an incidentStreamlines processes and aids communication within the Safeguarding team
Can be used to indicate that appropriate actions are taking place
Possible to attach files to an incident and mark attachments as confidentialAdditional evidence and supporting documents can be attached to a specific incident recordKeeps all evidence and supporting material together in the same space
Web-based access to supporting material
Same high standard of security is applied to supporting material
Another layer of protection can be added by marking files as confidential and so only accessible to Users with specific permissions
Possible to print an incidentThe details of the selected incident can be printed, including the Body Map by clicking a buttonDetails of an incident can be viewed off-line in meeting with outside agency stakeholders
Linked ActionsA log of an action that is taken in response to an incident including the date and time that the action is logged, by whom and the detail of the action.Keeps the Safeguarding team informed of all interventions that have taken place in response to an incident
Multiple actions can be built-up into a chronology
Evidences Safeguarding practices
Share ActionsA Safeguarding action can be shared with other members of staff. The additional staff member will be able to view the action but not edit.Can be used to inform other Users that they are a stakeholder in the Safeguarding incident or they need to contribute to an action
The Safeguarding practitioner will receive alerts for the incidents they are associated with
Safeguarding AlertsAllows selected members of staff to be alerted by SMS, email or system notification if there has been an incident or action logged.Immediately alert Safeguarding leads and key practitioners to incidents and events
Improves communication flow
Automated to streamline work flow
Archive incidents and actionsWhen an incident or an action has been taken through to a conclusion it is possible to archiveAllows the separation of ongoing incidents and actions to those that have concluded
Safety stores all details in the archive for later review if necessary
Safeguarding AreasSafeguarding areas allow issues to be monitored by the school without a full incident being createdAllows for pre-emptive monitoring and intervention of students with concerning issues that do not constitute a Safeguarding incident
Configurable agenciesContact details and other details of Safeguarding agencies are stored in the MISAll relevant and important information stored together and securely in the MIS
Saves time searching for stakeholder details
ReportingUsing the reporting module, reports can be created that pulls through Safeguarding dataAllows schools to interrogate their data to create management reports for SLT, MATs, Governors and other stakeholders
Secure access to data items is only granted to the users with defined Safeguarding permissions.