What is MyChildAtSchool?

MyChildAtSchool is an online portal that enables parents to view their child’s performance at school in real time via any modern web browser (e.g. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) and for today’s busy parents, an app (for android or ios)  which offers the same features.

Anytime access to Attendance, Behaviour, Assessment and student reports, letters or important documents. Student timetables alongside the school calendar and fully customisable Exam Timetables and results pages mean schools can keep parents fully informed electronically.

Communication through Push Notification (for the App), Announcements and important documents as well as enabling parent messaging to the school are all included features. Schools can engage parents with their child’s homework through the homework settings and they can use the Parent Evening bookings section to book or view their appointments.

Secure booking and Online Payments for Clubs, Trips, Wraparound before and after-school care, Dinner Money and School Shop, with multiple settings for payments and purchases. This feature rich online secure process gives schools total control over their cashless system. Even if not fully cashless in school, MCAS processes allow a school to manage and create orders manually.

The Online Payments option includes, but is not restricted to, payments with deposits, instalments and running balances, as well as the management of a range of payment types, refunds and vouchers, including Paypoint. Parents are kept informed of their balances and can receive reminders when payments are due or overdue. The whole online experience offers the same security as any online payment process and is complemented by in-school management tools. Added to this, MCAS transactions can be linked directly to Bromcom’s Finance module, and separate bank accounts added, if required.

As the process is fully GDPR compliant, parents are invited to setup their secure account, and when downloading the App, can add additional security including biometric authentication and a PIN for ease of use. Equally, schools can use the MCAS Parental Consent feature to enable parents to give/revoke their consent as required and has a feature to allow parents to inform the school of changes to their key contact details

Features & Benefits

  • enables parents to access their child’s information through a portal, either browser or App, promoting communication between both schools and parents, and parents and their children
  • All the data is in real time so a parent can instantly see whether his/her child is in school now
  • Ability to manage payments online securely for all kinds of school activities – Clubs, Trips, Wraparound Care, Dinner Money, School Shop
  • Any potential truancy problems can be detected early and prevented
  • Comprehensive communication between parents and schools about their child(ren)
  • An excellent means for schools to communicate useful information to parents, such as upcoming school events or important documents
  • Parents can update their personal contact details online so that the school always has their most up to date information
  • Fully GDPR compliant with option to collect Parental consent/allow parents to revoke consent
  • Schools choose which information they wish to present to parents e.g. Behaviour Events, Assessment Reports, etc.
FeatureWhat it doesBenefits
MCAS – DashboardGives parents a summary overview of key student areas by moduleParents have an at-a-glance view of the most important areas of their child’s school activity, including a menu toggle view to switch between siblings at the same school
MCAS – AnnouncementsAllows the school to communicate with all parents or focus on a selected audience based on student groups, including attaching documentSchools can target selected groups efficiently. Key documents can be made available to a selected group, such as important information for a trip, which does not affect the whole school.
MCAS – AttendanceReal time Attendance history and current lesson dataParents are kept up to date live as to the Attendance of their child for any period and see any potential areas for engagement with their child or the school
MCAS- BehaviourDisplays positive/negative/neutral events as determined by the schoolParents have an up-to-date overview of their child’s Behaviour, both positive and negative to permit informed discussions with the school
MCAS – AssessmentPermits a detailed view of Assessment throughout the yearParents can see a comparative view of their child’s progress/performance for any subject
MCAS – Homework
Gives parents visibility of the homework tasks and key resources set by a subject teacher, including due dates etc
Parents can be engaged in the learning experience with complete visibility of the homework status and feedback (if enabled by the school)
MCAS – On ReportStudent Report card is maintained electronically and completed by a student’s teachers as they go from lesson to lessonParents can view and support their child’s Behaviour and engage in open discussions with the school
MCAS – Parents EveningSchools can either allow parents to book their own appointments with teachers or create the appointments for parents to view only. Option to message teacher directlyReduces school admin if parents are allowed to book their own appointments and has an option to allow parents to message a teacher directly
MCAS – ReportsReports and letters can be uploaded for parents to viewSchools can go paperless for reports and letters
MCAS – Timetable and Academic CalendarTimetable displays a student’s timetable; Academic Calendar will show school Events/Clubs etc.Parents can see which lessons their child has and with whom as well as having access to school events in calendar format
MCAS – Online PaymentsSchools can offer a fully secure online payment system for a range of school-related activities: clubs, wrap-around care, trips, dinner and school shop.
Manual option available within MCAS Administration
Cashless payment method reduces the risk of handling cash and has full accounting management, helping staff to manage their day to day tasks  efficiently: orders, payments, balances, refunds & cancellation management
MCAS – Clubs, Trips and Wrapround CareSchools can setup any type of Club or Trip, including free, paid, running balance for pre and after school care. Individual consent permissions can be sought as requiredSchool can setup any type of activity and arrange a payment structure to fit their needs – full payment, instalments, free, running balance, including creating manual office-side orders. Refund/cancellation management available all handled as secure online transactions with full order visibility.
Consent for specific activity can be sought over and above school standard consent process
MCAS – School ShopSchool can offer products for purchase online, controlling who can purchase and set limits, payment options etc.School can manage uniform, & equipment sales etc.
MCAS – DinnersParents can see meals ordered/taken and make payments/top up dinner money with both credit/debit balances displayedDinner Money can be paid directly by parents and balances integrated automatically into Bromcom or maintained by the office where third party cashless catering is in place.
MCAS – Exam Results and Exam Timetables
Allows a school to display upcoming/past timetables as well as examination results for students
Parents can be better informed and easily keep track of their child’s Examination commitments and results
MCAS – Important DocumentsAllows a school to upload key documents for parents which are visible in its own page to distinguish from other reports or lettersThe school can keep parents informed of important, essential information in a controlled and efficient manner
MCAS – Parental Consent
Allows the school to either display Parental Consent data as read only or allows it to permit parents to give/revoke their consent online
Parents will have complete visibility of the current status of key consents requested by the school and revoke consent online, if enabled. School Administration is improved
MCAS – Personal Account SettingsAllows contacts to edit/update their contact details or that of their child(ren)Reduced office burden on maintaining contact details’ records using a simple approval method to update the MIS
Data Collection & Admission FormsEnable parents to submit their data, or update the data you already haveSchool can setup an Online Admissions form for new starters and capture information without the need for a paper form
App – all MCAS browser features*Allows parents to view student data without a browserParents are kept informed of all student activity on the go.
App – CommunicationPush notification and MCAS messagingParents notified instantly and can reply/create messages to the school via the App
App – Online Payments
Secure payment option for Clubs, Trips Wraparound Care, Dinner Money and School Shop
Balances made easier for parents to manage across a full range of school paid/free activities
App – AnnouncementsSchools can send Announcements to specific parental audienceCustomisable Announcements can be directed to selected parent groups or whole school as desired
App – Account managementAllows a parent to add multiple accounts for children at different schoolsParent does not have to remember school account details and can switch from one to another very easily
App – ProfileAllows parents to control their settings and security with minimum effortSimple and secure to maintain PIN and account settings. School details included, biometric authentication, order history and Paypoint balance