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SIMS Connector for MAT Vision

What is SIMS Connector for MAT Vision?

SIMS Connector for MAT Vision is a service client that is installed on SIMS Server of the school, which collects data every 12 hours from SIMS SQL Database directly and uploads the data to MAT Vision for Analytical purposes.

Key Features

  • Light client service, install and forget, which runs automatically
  • Uses SSL connection to transfer data from SIMS Server to MAT Vision
  • Allows SIMS data uploaded to MAT Vision for aggregated view and analysis from all your schools (SIMS and/or Bromcom)
  • Access to aggregated raw data with OData Feed
  • Access to all MAT Vision built-in analytics and dashboards
  • Important data uploaded every 12 hours to MAT Vision:
    • Student Details & Demographics
    • Student Exclusions
    • Student Attendances
    • Student Behaviours
    • Student Exam Results
    • Student Assessment Results ***
    • Staff Details
    • Staff Absences
    • Staff Academic Qualifications
    • Staff Qualifications
    • Staff Religious Affiliations
    • Staff Roles
    • Staff Subjects
    • Groups
    • Group Memberships (Students, Staff and Rooms)


  • Avoid manual import/export for each school
  • Automatic data upload every 12 hours
  • Access most up-to-date data across all your schools
  • Out of box PowerBI Analytics Apps for Student Demographics and Attendance
  • Allows to collect all data from all SIMS and Bromcom schools within single data warehouse

*** this requires extra setup within SIMS