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Coming Soon

This list of updates may change before release, this is just a provisory list.
Visibility to changes are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

Here is what is planned in the next release.

A brief list of some of the expected enhancements/updates
This list shows what’s being developed in the current sprint and is planned to be released on Friday 31st May.


  • Ability to link siblings to safeguarding Incidents.


  • Enhancements to attendance marks.
  • KS4 & KS5 Dashboard – Disadvantaged definition enhancement to Cohort Definition.
  • Teacher – Display Clubs & Trips register.


  • Accounts Receivable > Customers – ability to enter a reason for Cancellations within the Customer Activity panel.
  • Accounts Receivable > Receipts improvements
    • Show outstanding Invoice values on receipts less Credit Notes
    • Ability to change the matched Invoices linked to a receipt
    • Ability to dispatch receipts directly to customers
  • Accounts Receivable > Pay in Slips – ability to cancel paying in slips.
  • Accounts Receivable > Refunds improvements
    • Allow refunds for all payment types and link refunds to payments
    • Allow BACS refunds to generate a BACS file for payment
  • New Write Offs page in Accounts Receivable – ability to write off debtor debt.
  • Accounts Payable > Suppliers – stop the transfer of staff Emergency Contact Information.
  • Accounts Payable > Invoices & Credit Notes
    • Ability to invoice multiple orders via a single invoice. 
    • Option to warn user if an invoice is going to cause the bank to go overdrawn.
  • CFR Statutory Change for 23/24 financial year.
  • Adding basic Audit Summary to documents.
  • Vision – journals from finance will be transferred in real time to Vision.  

Online Payments

  • Ability to cancel orders for an instalment Club & Trip.


  • Timetable Patterns
    • Ability to lock a student into a selected class.
    • Ability to only show Subjects from Subject Groups in the Timetable Pattern Settings.


  • A new Options domain and sub domain will be added to Quick Report.