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Coming Soon

This list of updates may change before release, this is just a provisory list.
Visibility to changes are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

Here is what is planned in the coming release

A Brief List of some of the Expected Enhancement/Updates
This list shows what’s being developed in the sprint covering Monday 20th November to Friday 8th December and will be released on the night of 8th December.

MAT Finance

  • MAT Finance users will be able to add a Reversal to Accruals and Prepayments, enabling the transaction can be posted in reverse into a future period/year.

Parent App

  • The Parent App will see a move over to new UX functionality and provide the users with a seamless user experience.  


  • Access to MIS domains for Bromcom AI responses will be determined by the school administrator and can be switched on by domain and by job role.  


  • Timetable Patterns: Users will have the option to design and generate Block Patterns manually.  
  • Options Setup: General enhancements will be made to provide more flexibility with the setup process. 
  • Clash Table: Parameters found in the Timetable Patterns page will be introduced in here so that the interaction between both pages is accurate, and users will be able to switch between Main Choices view and Reserves view.  


  • Reference dates and files will be updated ready for the schools to complete their Spring Census. 


  • Relevant exam tables will be updated with a new Gradesets from JCQ. 

Dashboards – Take Register

  • Teachers will be able to view the register for previous lessons and future lessons for their selected class. 
  • Teachers will be able to view a double lesson from the new UI. 

HR and Performance Management

  • The ability to create, edit, preview, and send forms/surveys with basic question types for staff (multiple choice, multiple answer, single answer questions). 
  • Manage recipients of forms and monitor responses. 
  • A widget on staff pages to show a list of their received and answered forms. 
  • Create new, more complex, question types (such as Likert and ranking questions). 
  • The ability to request editing and resubmission of a previously submitted form. 
  • Analyse responses to forms and download and save those responses. 

Key Stage 2 Dashboard

  • Users will be able to select an individual term from all academic terms for year groups 3, 4, 5 and 6, to display for performance analysis.


  • When arranging cover, users will be able to select multiple staff.


  • Full filter functionality will be enabled on the Quick Reports page.