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Coming Soon

This list of updates may change before release, this is just a provisory list.
Visibility to changes are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

Here is what is planned in the coming release

A Brief List of some of the Expected Enhancement/Updates


HR and Performance management

  • Having the ability to set up approval processes and distribute them to all schools in the trust.
  • Enhancing the Data Lock area to include HR elements.

Primary tracker

  • Setup Formative Assessment Primary Tracker configuration and distribute it across the trust.
  • Setup the Early Years Assessment Sheets in the Primary Tracker and distribute it across the trust.
  • To be able to configure Standardised Tests Assessment Sheets in Primary Tracker.

MAT Finance/Finance

  • It will be possible to run the Journal Audit Trail Report for single or multiple sites so that users can query the journals entered across the MAT.
  • Users will be able to run the Ledger Code Transactions Report for single or multiple sites so that I can query the ledger transactions entered across the MAT.
  • MAT Finance users (not budget holders), will  be able to create/view or amend staff records (with their contracts) from all linked Bromcom MIS systems so that they can view salary projections, commitments and reconcile salary payments MAT wide.
  • MAT Finance Users will be able to Cancel/Reverse Sales Invoices in MAT finance so that errors can be amended and accurate account maintained. 
  • It will be possible to see the Closing/Current balance within the Balance And Reserves Report.
  • It will be possible tobe able to run the Aged Debtors Report for a specific date.


Computer Assistance

  • Highly privileged users, such as IT Managers, will be able to log in as other users to help assess and amend their accounts.


  • Managers can share documents with direct reports.
  • Admin can get acknowledgement of documents they’ve shared from other staff.

Equipment booking

  • If there is availability, Bromcom can automatically approve booking requests.

HR and Performance management

  • Administrators can see a list of staff associated with each CPD.
  • Staff can leave feedback in the CPD library.
  • Admin can view and download data on CPD activities to see what staff have on their records.
  • On the My Team page, outstanding requests will be shown.
  • Thresholds can be set for money and time for CPD activities so that which activities need approval can be decided.

Key Stage 2 Dashboard

  • Update to the KS2 Review Fine Levels page to include P Scales converted to scaled score.


  • It will be possible to web merge and schedule Quick Reports.


  • Adding subcategories to the safeguarding module.

School on a Page

  • It will be possible to view attendance, attainment figures and progress for the whole school in the same area, as well as an evaluation of the school as a whole. This can be exported to PDF to be printed on 2 pages.