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This list of updates may change before release, this is just a provisory list.
Visibility to changes are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

Here is what is planned in the next release.

A brief list of some of the expected enhancements/updates
This list shows what’s being developed in the current sprint and is planned to be released on Friday 26th July.


  • Staff List – Ability to mark staff as absent – the required module for this action will be amended from Registration (Attendance) to Administration.


  • School on a Page (Primary) – Number of Results and ARE+ column calculations will be updated to include grades outside a student’s year group. 


  • Assessment Sheets List – Ability to copy data from one column to another within a Marksheet


  • Teacher – Display Clubs & Trips register. 


  • Ability to book Rooms by Time/Period. 

Home page 

  • Fire Drill Report – Visibility of total Student Count of Present Students.


  • Global Configuration – Ability to configure the Finance system to enable/disable the Central Bank.
  • Journal creation is prevented if a Journal Browser Error is detected on creation, and an alert to the user.
  • Reports > Finance > Audit Trail – Additional pages added to the Audit Summary, and additional audit information provided when: approving or rejecting Bank Accounts in Customers and Suppliers pages, and Dispatching documents. 

MAT Finance 

  • Config – Update existing Ledger Codes to the 24/25 DFE Chart of Accounts.
  • Dashboard – Update the Aged Debtors Dashboard widget to work in the same way as the Aged Debtor Report.
  • Reports > Finance > Audit Trail – Additional audit information when: approving or rejecting Bank Accounts in Suppliers pages, and Dispatching documents. 
  • Reports > Finance > Balance Sheet Reports – Add a Closing Balance column to the report.
  • Reports > Finance > Aged Debtor  – Update the Aged Debtor Report to use the As At Date to show the position of the Debtors as of a specific date.


  • In MCAS web – Ability for Parents to report an absence, and in the MIS MCAS – schools to approve or reject absence notifications from parents. 
  • In MCAS web – Show Detentions in MCAS Timetable
  • Online Payments – Ability to create a zero-value product.


  • Ability to add a weight to subjects to indicate the choice count for that level of subject in Option Setup and Timetable Patterns.

Parent App MyChildAtSchool 

  • Ability to manage the Preferred Communication Language option via MyChildAtSchool Parent App.
  • New Detention module.
  • Enhancements to the Exam module – including exam date order.

Quick Report  

  • A new Options domain and sub domain will be added to Quick Report. 
  • The search in the Data Item panel will display the Data Item Name and the Path.
  • Ability to save Scheduled Quick Reports to DMS with an Email delivery method.
  • Export large files to PDF and Word


  • Curriculum Plan: Retain position in the Simple view when editing Blocks.
  • Review: Enhance flexibility when scheduling Linear and Simple Blocks 
  • Scheduling: Colour indicators to easily identify where a Block or a class can or cannot be scheduled, including any potential conflicts with teachers or rooms.
  • Timetable Specifications:  Blocks on Days rules will be applied to each subject and class from each Linear block.