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Coming Soon

This list of updates may change before release, this is just a provisory list.

Visibility to changes are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

Here is some of what is coming in the next Releases

New User Interface updates for the following pages:

  • Contact Details
  • Doctor Details
  • Governor Details
  • Registration
    • List View
    • Photo View
  • Staff Details & Student Details
    • Timetable Card

A Brief List of some of the Expected Enhancement/Updates

  • Census: Updates to Attendance Details Report
  • Behaviour: Outcomes to be updated
  • Dashboards: Enhancements to KS5, KS4 and KS2 Dashboards
  • Finance: New Cash Flow Report
  • Framework: School Details Dropdown updates
  • Reporting: Advanced Quick Report updates
  • Staff and Students: New User Defined Panels
  • Student Portal: Single Sign On
  • Vision: Central Management updates


  1. Hi

    It would really be useful to be able to see comments when looking at a student’s attendance page instead of having to produce a report.
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Judi
      Thank you for your feedback , could you raise this as an idea on the Support Portal please
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

  2. On the old menu under the overview tab there is a behaviour event graph that you could hover over to see a breakdown of the events this has disappeared?

    1. Hi Imran,

      The Overview feature is not available on the new Student Details page. There are plans to add graphs to individual areas on the Student record, under Behaviour, Attendance etc., in a future release.

      In the meantime the you can still switch between the Old and New Student views where the option is still available.

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