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How to Create a Season Pattern and a Season

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Once the Season Pattern has been created for Example ‘Summer’ you can then Create a Season Example ‘Summer 2020.’

See also How to Add a Season and Set as Active.

Note: Once an Exam Season Pattern has been created the Start and End Months cannot be edited. A new Exam Season Pattern would need to be created with the appropriate Start and End Months.

Move the cursor over Config on the Side Menu then click on Examination and Season Patterns.

The Season Pattern allows a new Season to be added or an existing one to be edited or deleted.

Click the New button, this will display the Create New Season Pattern page.

Enter the Title , Short Name and choose the months in the from and to drop downs, in the example below the Summer Season Pattern has been created , note no year has been entered.

To create the Season attached to the Season Pattern go to Modules>Examinations>Seasons>New

Select a Season Pattern from the Season Pattern drop down list and the Year from the Year drop down list.

The Title will be filled in automatically with the Season Pattern and the Year selections.

Select a Status of OpenClosed or Locked from the Status dropdown list.

Enter a date using the Start Date and End Date fields, by entering a date or clicking on the Calendar icon and selecting a date.

Check the Results Embargoed? checkbox to Embargo the results so that only authorised personnel can view then them, click Create to create the new Season.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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