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Assessment Webmerge FAQs

This page contains some frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to Assessment Web Merge Reports. This is for the Adhoc version of Webmerge Reports, not Quick Reports.

Q – What are Concatenated IDs, and why do I need them?

For assessment, Concatenated IDs are separated by $ and are made up of:

Assessment Type$Term$Year Group$Subject, each has a separate ID, e.g <<8$205$29$9903>> and this is what data input is saved against in Bromcom.

Q – Where do you get Concatenated IDs?

Import the Assessment IDs Report from the Online Report Repository.

Reports>Adhoc>View Reports>select a folder from the righthand side>Actions>Import Report Definition>Online Report Repository>find the Report>Import.

Run the report and enter the report parameters needed – Assessment type, Term, Year Group and Subject.

Q – Why does the report not generate a Concatenated ID?

Assessment data needs to exist recorded against the combined four IDs above, otherwise the Concatenated IDs will not generate.

Q – How do I get started creating an Assessment Webmerge report?

There is an Example Assessment Report in the Online Report Repository, which is a useful template for schools for understanding the data items needed and can be edited – does not have a student selector or attendance percentage in, but school can add this filter and extra data items by editing the imported report and adding the extra data items into the Details box.

Q – Why are rows of empty data not being removed even when I have configured the report to remove empty rows?

Every row in the template’s table needs to have a tag or Concatenated ID tag, if left empty it will not be removed when given the option to remove empty rows.

Q – Why is the filter cup showing blue on the mapping page?

Filter cups showing blue means the data item has mapped to the Concatenated IDs specified in the template, so school does not have to manually map. Grey means that it is not mapped to any filters.

Q – How do I get teacher names to show for the student’s classes?

SubjectClassTeacher needs to be a data item within in the report itself, which can be added via dragging the data item into the Details box. Teachers need to be mapped manually via the filter cups, setting Field: SubjectClassTeacher, then select SubjectName > select the subject from the dropdown > Add. This will make sure the group’s main teacher for that specific student and subject will be picked up.

Q – How do I get Grade Description on the processed reports rather than grade result?

Add Grade Description as a column in the report itself, by dragging the data item into the Details box. In the mapping page, change the dropdown from Result to Grade Description.

Q – Why are the processed reports not showing on MCAS/Student Portal or on student profiles? 

Make sure focus is StudentID as otherwise will not attach to student profiles/MCAS/Student Portal.

For posting to MCAS/Student Portal – Copy to DMS, Multiple Document, then select which option for publishing.

Q – How can I get one exported file with all the students in it for printing?

For one file with all the students included – Single Document, DMS optional (will download local copy)

Q – Can I publish to MCAS/Student Portal after the reports have been processed, without running again?

Modules>MCAS>Published Documents.

Modules>Student Portal>Published Documents.

Can publish reports after they have been run and saved to the DMS already, if they have been originally processed as Copy to DMS and Multiple Documents.

Q How can I get the processed reports on the student profile only?

You do not have to use Publish to MCAS or Student Portal for the reports to show on the student’s profiles. You will only need to use Focus: Student ID, Multiple Documents and Save to DMS, and it will be shown on student profiles automatically.

Q My mapping parameters keep disappearing, how can I set these as default?

Save will save the step two parameters, Process will run the reports.

Currently this adds the Report to the DMS and to the student record every time it’s run.

Q – There is data missing on the student’s report, what can I check?

Preview the Report before webmerging to check that the student has this data.

Edit the Report to check the data item is in the report itself, and not filtered out.

If assessment result, check the Concatenated ID is correct for that assessment type/term/year group/subject using the filters on Step two mapping page by hovering over the filter cup – often is that they’re using an incorrect tag for the year group/term.

Assessment Webmerge FAQ

Updated on October 12, 2023

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