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How to Create Curriculum Assessment Templates

These Templates can be used to create Assessment Sheets for a single Subject across multiple year groups with the ability to add assessment data against Topics and Statements, for example Key Stage 3 English Curriculum.

Use this guide to;

Access: the minimum permissions required to access Curriculum Assessment Templates is found in the Assessment Module from Config>Set Up> Roles and Permissions


See also How to Create Assessment Components

Create New Curriculum Assessment Templates

From the left go to Modules>Assessment> Manage Templates


Then from the Assessment Templates dropdown choose Curriculum Assessment

Assessment Templates

Then click New


In the Template Details panel complete the following. Fields marked with an * asterisk must be completed

  • Name: type in a name, remember these sheets can be used for more than one year group so be aware when naming
  • Notes: type in notes as required
  • Active : defaults to Yes
  • Subject – single dropdown choiceTopic Result Type: this is for the Topics choose either Grade Set or Markset.
  • Topic Result Type choose either Gradeset or Markset
  • Gradeset – choose a Gradeset for the Statements
  • Data Entry Term – choose from the following options:
    • leave blank and the Terms defined in the Term scope will show in alphabetical order
    • or choose a term from the drop down, this will be the visible term when you open the Assessment Sheet however, you will be able to choose the other terms defined in the Term Scope Panel
    • Choose a Term and tick Term locked then only that Term will be visible in the Assessment Sheet List
  • Term Locked: this locks the Data Entry Term and no other Terms are visible in the Assessment Sheet list
  • KPI Assessment Type: define the Assessment Type from the dropdown. Topic results across a single subject can be combined and converted into a percentage to show in an Assessment Type(with a 0-100 markset attached) to be then added to a Tracking Template.
Template Details Panel

In the Termly Progress Column Calculations click to Calculate Termly Progress Column Value Automatically and the from the Calculation Type choose either; either;

  • Add all statement results
  • Add termly collected statement results
  • Average all statement results
  • Average of termly collected statement results
Calculation Column

In the Default Additional Student Columns & Year, Term Scope you can click Add to add additional student information to your assessment sheets. In this example we have added Ethnicity, Free School Meals, Gender and Pupil Premium

Additional Columns

For the Group scope we’ve toggled on for Other Group Type so we can choose Teaching Class, you can also choose Tutor Group if required. If the toggle isn’t clicked on then you can choose Year Groups.

In this example we’ve chosen 4 maths classes in Selected Groups.

For the Term Scope we’ve chosen 6 Terms

Use the Sort Order to define the visible order of the Groups and Terms when viewing them in the Assessment Sheets

Group and Terms Scope

In the Topics panel click Add to add a Topic with a Name and Description, you can choose to hide a Topic if you don’t want this visible, for example you may have a Topic that isn’t being covered at the start of the academic year so keep it hidden and then open it up later on in the academic year

Add Topics

Click OK

Once you’ve added a Topic you can then click on it to see the Statement Panel below where you can add Statements to be ‘Mapped’ to the Topic.

Add Statement to Topic

Give the Statement a Name and Description, tick Is Required if you want this Statement Column to be mandatory in the Assessment Sheets, choose a Forced Term and Weighting if required.

Click OK

Repeat this process for adding more Statements to a Topic


Import Topics and Statements

You do have the option to Import the Topics and Statements from a spreadsheet with the six column headings as below, do not amend the Headings in the spreadsheet as this will prevent the import.

Note the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet so for example you could create two Curriculum Assessment Templates called for example KS3 Mathematics and KS3 English and instead of inputting the Topics and Statements manually you can import them in.

Import Curriculum Assessment

To import the Topics and Statements go to Modules>Assessment>Manage Templates then from the Actions dropdown choose Import Templates

Import Templates

In the Centralised Import pop up choose Excel and then click Browse to locate your spreadsheet. Note the Import File must be a valid EXCEL file (.XLSX)

Excel and Choose File

Then once you have chosen your file from your computer click Analyze


In this example as we’ve already created the KS3 Mathematics Curriculum Assessment Template this has mapped, for the KS3 English this will create a new Curriculum Assessment Template.

Click Next.


In the final Import panel choose again to Create New and map the Topics and Statements to a previously created Template

Click Import


Finally choose Proceed to complete the process.

View Assessment Sheets

Before informing any teachers about the new Assessment Sheets you may want to view and check them beforehand, to do this go to Modules>Assessment>Assessment Sheets lists.

In the example below we have typed in Admin in the User Access and in the Marksheet Type we’ve chosen Curriculum Assessment Sheets

Click on the Marksheet name to open the Assessment Sheet.

In this example we can choose the Topic, Term or Group from the dropdown choices plus just show Statement Names Only and hide the Statement description

Assessment Sheet

There are two options to enter data in the columns;

1.Click in a cell in the Statement columns to add the relevant Assessment Data, click Skip or Remove Mark if required, you can also change to tab direction from across to down in the top right

Enter Data – Tab Direction

The teaching staff timetabled for the group can view and enter data into the Curriculum Assessment Sheets from their Teachers Dashboard as per the example below;

Teacher Dashboard View

2.To enter data directly into the Curriculum Assessment Sheets

Select the Input grades using a keyboard option on the top right marksheet toolbar to toggle keyboard entry for the marksheet on or off.

Keyboard Input

Enter a grade using the keyboard, and then press Enter or Tab to move to the next cell in the marksheet. Entered grades can be deleted and re-entered. If required, use the arrow keys to move up or down within the marksheet.

Image #1

Note: if a user enters an invalid grade for the marksheet, a warning message is displayed, as shown in the sequence above.

When the toggle option is set to off, grades can only be entered using the dropdown list. This option is set to off by default.

See How to use the New Teacher Dashboard

Updated on August 31, 2023

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