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How to Mark Attendance from Received Messages

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This page will show you how to amend Attendance from a Received Message.

From the left Menu go to Modules > Communication > Communication > Received Messages.

Any Messages sent by Parent/Carer will be displayed on the Received Messages page. The Action column far right has a dropdown list with various Actions.

Selecting the Edit Contact option from the Actions dropdown list will open a dropdown list in both the Contact Name and Student Name columns. In this example the Contact is also the Contact for another Student, as Sammy has a Sibling. Here you can select <NOT SELECTED> to view the Attendance for both Students or select a particular Student, clicking the Green Disc to Save or the Red X to discard your selection.

Note: When viewing using the <NOT SELECTED> option both the Student Name and the Tutor Group columns will be empty.

Select either <NOT SELECTED> or a Student and click the Amend Attendance option from the Actions dropdown list.

The content of the Message is automatically added to the Mark Comments field by default. The first Unmarked or Absent Mark will be highlighted green ready to add the Amended Mark, click to the left of the name to select the whole Day to add a Mark, this will now display green. In the example the Marks have a pink edge, this shows the Mark has already been entered with the Comment and cannot be changed here. However, received Comment Messages can be edited before saving to the Marks selected.

Note: If there is more than one Student associated, they will be displayed on separate rows if the option in the Student Name column is set to Not Selected.

Note: The Amend Attendance pop-up will open with the current Date to add past Marks change the Date.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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