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Office Managers – Secondary

This page contains a full Recording of a Bromcom Webinar covering Office Managers – Secondary.

All of the areas covered in the Webinar are detailed and can be found via the Agenda, which you can download below.

Area CoveredStart Time
Student Admissions and Maintenance
School Details and Settings3:37
Enrolling a Student Manually18:46 & 26:51
Viewing/Maintaining Student Information33:58
Quick Edit1:18:08
Manual Data Import/Export1:20:11
Student CTF/ATF Imports1:22:59
Processing Leavers1:26:37
Re-admitting a Student1:28:28
Student Delete1:30:34
Lookup Tables1:32:37
User Defined Fields and Flags1:38:40
Staff Maintenance
Viewing/Maintaining Staff Information1:48:04
Quick Look at School Census
Creating a School Census Return2:22:58
Error Checking and Validation Summary2:29:38
Authorising the Census2:33:36
Communication Maintenance and Routines
Sending New Messages (SMS and Email)2:40:00
Processing Watchlists3:02:43
SMS & Email History Reports3:05:43
Introduction to Custom Reporting
Importing the Online Repository3:11:04
Running a Report3:12:11
Select a Report Type3:12:30
Selecting a Report Domain3:12:41
Understanding the Report creation Wizard3:13:30
Office Managers Secondary
Updated on November 5, 2021

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