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Standardisation for Vision

This guide contains a list of suggested data areas to consider standardising for use with Bromcom’s Vision product.

As you can see, there is no standardisation required to use certain dashboards in Vision. Some data items (e.g. Enrolment, Exclusions) are already standardised.

It is also helpful for Trusts to wait until they have their own Vision system live, linked to their schools, so they can see any data discrepancies in the live data.

Vision Data AreaSuggested Minimum StandardisationSuggested Maximum StandardisationDescription
Student EnrolmentNo standardisation requiredUser Defined Fields (UDF)Standard DfE coding used in Vision Dashboard but standardised UDF will increase analysis potential in PowerBI and future Student Dashboard enhancements
Student AttendanceNo standardisation requiredCustom attendance marksStandard DfE coding used but be aware that custom attendance marks will affect analysis by Attendance Mark in PowerBI
Student ExclusionsNo standardisation requiredNo standardisation requiredStandard DfE coding used in Vision Dashboard and PowerBI
Student SafeguardingAction Categories Incident Categories Incident StatusAction Categories Incident Categories Incident Status Agencies AreasTo be able to fully utilise the suite of analysis tools in Vision Safeguarding Dashboard it is recommended to standardise the “Incident Category”/”Status” and the “Action Category”. Other fields of Safeguarding data that may be compared in PowerBI, if standardised, are “Agencies” and “Areas”
Student Behaviour Event TypesEvent Types
Action Types Actions
The Vision Behaviour Dashboard will be able to analyse negative and positive events without any standardisation but to be able to compare behaviour across the trust it is suggested that “Event Types” are standardised. This allows Events to be grouped by an overarching categorisation (e.g. Severity Level)
Student AssessmentAssessment Type Subject Name Year Group Name Term NameAssessment Type Subject
Year Group Name
Term Name
Assessments in MIS and Vision are identified by a combination of “Assessment Type”, “Subject Name”, “Year Group Name” and “Term Name”. To compare like-for-like Assessments across the trust these Assessment elements must be standardised
StaffNo standardisation requiredNo standardisation requiredStandard DfE coding used in Vision Dashboard and PowerBI
Staff AbsenceNo standardisation requiredStaff Absence CodesAnalysis of DfE categorisation and duration can be done without any standardisation. To analyse the nature/reasons for absence then “Staff Absence Codes” can be standardised
Exam PerformanceNo standardisation requiredNo standardisation requiredThe new KS4 Performance Dashboard in MIS requires no standardisation to be aggregated at the Trust level
Table showing data items that can be standardised for use with Vision
Updated on April 26, 2022

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