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Permissions for new Student and Staff pages

As part of then upgrade to Bromcom’s User Interface, our old pages (Staff, Student and Groups pages) were turned off in July 2021.

User permissions for Staff and Student were migrated from the old pages to the new pages, so schools do not need to reset user permissions.

As part of this migration, if any of the child permissions are granted for each data area, then the parent will be given permission as well. See image below.

Parent permission (Enrolment) is ticked as the child permissions (Enrolment Status and Key Data) are ticked

The full list of mappings are outlined below.

Student permission mappings:

New PermissionOld Permission
Basic DetailsBasic Details
Ethnicity And Religion Ethnic, Cultural & Religious Background
Funding And AllowancesFunding & Allowances
Meal And TransportMeal & Transport
Parental ConsentOther Information
InterventionsSupport Details
Special Educational Needs SEN & Gifted Talented
Passport InformationPassport Information
Student Employment Other Information
Enrolment StatusPrevious School
Class Memberships Timetable & Groups
Year Group MembershipsTimetable & Groups
Tutor Group Memberships Timetable & Groups
House MembershipsTimetable & Groups
Learning Aims Learning Aims
Qualifications Qualification & Fees
Fees Qualification & Fees
Gifted And Talented SubjectsSupport Details
Class MembershipsClass Assignment Page
Health BackgroundHealth background
Health OverviewHealth background
Medical Conditions / Dietary Needs And DisabilitiesHealth background
Doctors And SurgeriesHealth background
Medical EventsHealth background
CommunicationCommunication Logs
Communication LogsCommunication Logs
Show Communication Logs of All UsersShow Communication Logs of All Users
Assessment Assessment
CTF Stage AssessmentsAssessment
Assessment ResultsAssessment
Record Evidence AssessmentAssessment
Making Good Progress AssessmentAssessment
Clubs And Trips Clubs & Trips
Payments Received Clubs & Trips
Looked After Other Information
Child ProtectionOther Information
Documents Documents
Document listDocuments
Student Private NotesStudent Private Notes
Events StudentBehaviour Panel Page
Actions Student Behaviour Panel Page
Detentions Student Behaviour Panel Page
On ReportOn Report
Student Exclusion Incident Report Student Exclusion Incident Report
Key DataKey Data
Timetable Timetable & Groups
New Student Details Old Student Details
Background check SCR Qualification Check
Timetable Timetable

Staff permission mappings:

New PermissionOld Permission
New Staff Details Old Staff Details
Leave Request Absences
Absences Absences
Background check Background checks
Background check SCR DBS Documentation Check
Banking Bank Details
Emergency Contacts Contact Details
Background check SCR Address Check
Contracts Contracts
Background check Staff SCR Right to work Verification
Profile Basic Details
Documents List Document
Personal Details Personal Details
Background check SCR Photo ID Check
Background check SCR Previous Name Check
CPD Continuous Professional Development
Qualifications Qualifications

For general guidance on amending roles and permissions, please see our guide How to Edit a Role.