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How to Add Exams Rooms/Seat Exam Candidates

Note: All pages shown are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Exam Rooms and Seating Organisation page is found in the Exams Module>Maintenance and Routines of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Pre Requisites : Prior to seating Candidates ensure you have an Active Exam Season, All Exam Components must have the correct Basedata and Candidates must have entries in the Active Season you are seating.

Exams Officers can use this guide to:

See also How to re seat an Exam Candidate

Assign Rooms to Examinations

From the left Menu go to Config > Examinations > Exam Rooms

Exam Rooms

Then Click New to open the full list of Rooms.

Exam Rooms

Choose the required Room you need for an Exam by either typing the Room name in ( in this example 12) or click the blue find icon to open the full list of Rooms.

Choose the Start Date and End Date you need to use the Room for.

Then use the Starting Position and Seating Flow options to define the seating pattern for the selected Room, these settings will then show and can be edited when you seat the Candidates in Seating Organisation.

Exam Room Details

Note: Make sure the desired Room has a big enough Capacity and enough Available Seats.

Once you are happy with the Room click Create.

Seating Organisation

From the left Menu go to Modules > Examination > Seating Organisation.

Seating Organisation

This will take you to the Seating Organisation screen, where you will need to use the Filters on the left to find the desired Exam Component if it does not already appear.

Note: Seated Exam Components will be Green.

Filter Exam Components

Use the tick boxes to the left of the Exam Level column to select an individual or multiple Exam Components.

Select Exams to Be Seated

Once selected, click Seat.

Note the Next button as 2 Exams have been selected to be seated.


On the next screen, the list of unseated Candidates will be visible on the left with a Room Selector on the right.

Seating Allocation

Select the Room you wish to seat the Exam Component in from the dropdown.

Choose a Room

There should now be a grid on the right of the screen which represent the available seats from the front of the Room to the back.

Room Grid

Note: There are some editable options at the top of the Room grid as show below, simply click on the required option, in the example below for Room M10 candidate are seated Left to Right, Front to Back, Up and Down and Snaking

  • Either : Right or Left
  • Either : Front or Back
  • Either : Up/Down or Across
  • Either : Repeat or Snaking
  • Set Door Location : choose from the dro down
  • Display Candidate : choose EITHER Candidate Number or Name
Room Grid

You can also choose to Hide the Room Selector or Clear the Room using the Bin icon and Eye icon on the top right of the Room Grid.

Room Grid Functions

Deactivate Seats

Use this process if for example you do not wish to Seat Candidates in certain seats.

Right click on a single Seat in the Room Grid and select Make Seat Inactive.

De Activate a Single Seat

Or you can click and drag on several Seats in the Room Grid and right click to Make Inactive.

De Activate Multiple Seats

Seat Candidates

To Seat the Candidates this can be done in bulk or select specific Candidates.

From the Candidate Selection Panel click the top left box to Select All. You can then untick specific Candidates if required

Select All Candidates

Then click anywhere in the Room Grid and select Seat Candidates. in this example the first row as been made inactive.

Seat Candidates

The Room Grid will now show the Candidate Number and the Exam Component Number

Seated Candidates

Clone Seating

Use Clone in the example candidates are entered for an exam that has more than one paper on different days or start times and you want to candidates to sit in the same seats for each paper.

From Modules>Exam>Seating Organisation select the 2 or more exams you wish to be seated the same.

In this example the 3 x Maths GCSE Foundation Papers have been selected.

Select the Papers.

Click Seat.

In this example all the candidates for Paper 1 have been seated in Room 10.

Click Save.

Seated Candidates

Click Next to see Paper 2.

Click Clone to see Associated Component Room List.

Associated Component Room List.

Choose the required Unit/Code and Click Apply.

Associated Component Room List.

Choose Proceed if the pop up message if its correct.


Choose the Room in the Room drop down to see the seated candidates

Seated Candidates Paper 2 – choose the Room

Click Save to complete the Clone.

Updated on June 22, 2023

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