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Google Integration FAQs

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles & Permissions.

This guide has been created to discuss some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Google Integration with Bromcom, how it works and common questions posed by those who want to use it.


Q – What is the difference between provisioning and syncing?

A – Provisioning is setting up the Scopes on Google (Groups, users etc), while syncing would be the process of adding data to or removing data from those Scopes based on the data in Bromcom.

Q – What do Primary and Secondary Domains mean?

A – This is essentially the package that Schools have and use with Google. The Google administrator for your School should know which domain is being used, further guidance can be found on this Google FAQ; https://support.google.com/a/answer/175747?hl=en&ref_topic=3542755

Q – Do I need to sync Google and Bromcom manually?

A – Within the Google Integration configuration on Bromcom, there is an option to use Auto Sync. Using this means that on a daily basis, the Bromcom data will sync with Google for all configured entities. Even with this option on schools can still sync manually as and when required.

User Provisioning

Q – What exactly do Staff & Student Email Address formats control?

A – This will be the Email that Google themselves use to send notifications to the Students/Staff’s Teams accounts – Google Administrators will see these on the admin console and also the user sync page within Bromcom. There are different configuration options that Administrators can set based on how they want the emails to be formatted.

Groups and Classroom Provisioning

Q – Within the Group Settings, what should I sync across?

A – This depends entirely on which type of notifications need to be received on Teams. Tutor Groups and Teaching Classes would need to be synced for almost every School. If Departments or Subjects are synced, this provides the ability to create a mail list for all Subject Teachers or Heads of Departments using Google. Whatever options are ticked in the configuration settings when syncing with Bromcom will pull across to Google.

Q – What is Classroom Provisioning?

A – The first feature of setting the School ID is more for the Multi Academy Trusts (MATS) because it allows them to differentiate each of the classrooms for each of their schools on the admin console. The other feature of setting the Academic Year is beneficial to easily distinguish current and achieved classes each Academic Year. So for example, a Year 10 class for 2021 cannot be mistaken for a Year 10 class in 2022 because the ability to archive older classes is given and prevents any confusion.

Calendar Provisioning

Q – Will all Events on Bromcom sync across if I use the Calendar Sync settings?

A – This comes down to which Calendar events are ticked and how these are setup in Bromcom beforehand. Within Bromcom, if every Staff member can see Diary or School Holiday Calendar events then it would be recommended to sync those across too. Please note we only sync the next 30 days of calendar events.

Updated on March 10, 2022

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