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How Customer Ideas Get Developed

Since 2021, Bromcom has added hundreds of features and changes based on customer-submitted suggestions on the Ideas portal. Customers are at the heart of what Bromcom does and how we design and updates our products.  

This guide will share how your Ideas influence development decisions.  

How does Bromcom communicate what’s in its releases? 

New release information is published ahead of the completion of each sprint at docs.bromcom.com/coming-soon  

Upon release, information regarding the content of the release is available at whatsnew.bromcomcloud.com  

In addition we notify all customers each Friday before the release and hold a webinar on the Monday after the release as well.

How To Raise a Development Idea 

  • Support portal contacts can go to our Ideas portal at Ideas.bromcomcloud.com and create or vote on Ideas. 
  • We recommend that you search for existing Ideas to avoid creating duplicates. This avoids splitting votes and makes it easier for others to find your Idea fi they want to raise something similar.  
  • You can use the filter options on the page to help you look for existing Ideas by status, category, and popularity. 
  • Promotion and discussion of raised Ideas on the Bromcom Community at community.bromcom.com is very welcomed. 

What Happens to Development Ideas? 

  • All newly raised development Ideas are reviewed on a weekly basis and assigned to relevant product owners (POs).  
  • Idea statuses are assigned depending on the stage the Idea is at, how many votes it has etc. as follows: 
Status Details Notes 
New Any Idea that has < 10 votes will remain in the New status.  If an Idea fails to get at least 10 votes within a timeframe of 6 months, it will be rejected automatically 
Needs 50 Votes Upon reviewing, if the Idea aligns with our future roadmap and adds value to the product, we will move it to Needs 50 Votes status.  If an Idea fails to get at least 50 votes within a timeframe of 6 months, it will be rejected automatically. 
Future Consideration Ideas that have at least 50 votes will be further reviewed in alignment with our roadmap, business strategy and other priorities that we currently have.  If an Idea doesn’t fall in our current roadmap, it will remain in this status.  This helps us to consider these Ideas in our future. Bromcom is not able to give indicative timelines for these future considerations. 
Under Roadmap Ideas that fall under the categories of our upcoming roadmap will be moved to the Under Roadmap status. This means we intend to implement them, but at this time are not under development.  
Planned Ideas that are moved to the Planned status are added to our development queues to be implemented. Any Planned Idea to be released is subject to testing and may be delayed if they do not meet quality requirements.  
Released Once the Idea has been successfully implemented this will then be moved the Released status with the version number against it.  Every academic year the queue will be reset for Bromcom to track the released Ideas for the current academic year. 
Will not implement  Ideas are placed into this status because there are no plans to implement it currently. This can be for various reasons outlined below. Ideas placed in ‘Will not implement’ will only be visible to the original poster. 

Why Are Some Raise Development Ideas Rejected? 

Reason Details 
Already Exists This feature already exists in Bromcom or the action is already achievable.  
Similar or associated development   We are already working on something else that is close to or part of the Idea. 
Not technically possible There is a technical, process or statutory barrier to preventing implementation of the Idea. 
Lack of broad appeal This occurs for Ideas where not enough votes were achieved after set periods (mentioned above) 

If your Idea has been rejected or placed into a ‘Will not implement’ state, the Idea can be raised again in future. Bromcom is an agile development organisation, so opportunities to implement certain Ideas may come up again. 

Although rejected development Ideas are not visible to all, the original creator will still be able to view them and Bromcom maintains a log of every Idea that is created. 

Why Can’t Bromcom Implement More Development Ideas and/or do them Quicker? 

Bromcom’s development roadmap is determined by several factors including broader customer feedback, the company’s objectives, strategy, resource availability and (of course) statutory obligations.  

Our 2023 Roadmap includes many items requested by existing customers. https://docs.bromcom.com/product-portfolio/bromcom-roadmap-2023/ 

Updated on March 28, 2024

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