How to Arrange Special Events

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The Special Events area allows you to record an out of the ordinary event for a Teacher or Room which requires cover.

See also: How to Create Special Event Codes.

To do this from the left Menu go to Modules > Cover > Cover > Special Events.

To create a new Special Event, click the New button. The Academic Year will display as current.

Complete the fields:

  • Select an Event Type Code from the dropdown list and enter a Name and Description (if needed).

Note: If there are no Event Type Codes listed you will need to create them via the Special Event Codes page.

  • Select the Main Staff member from the dropdown list. Specify the number of Additional Staff required
  • Room Name – from the dropdown list
  • Dates Start date, followed by the starting period, then the End date and period

When you’re done click Create to Save. The Special Event will now be displayed.

From the left Menu go to Modules > Cover > Cover > Arrange Cover. Select the Filter option, tick the Special Events box and click OK.

The Special Event will now be displayed, with the number of Additional Staff marked as Unknown, waiting to be allocated. More Staff can be allocated by clicking on the green + beside the Event Code, these will also be added as Unknown for you to Allocate Staff.

Updated on June 16, 2023

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