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How to Reset Student Actions

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The Reset Student Actions Tool enables you to clear Behaviour Points from selected Actions for selected Students.

From the left Menu go to Modules > Behaviour > Routines > Reset Student Actions.

From this area, you must first determine whether you will be Resetting Points or Starting a New Points Total.

  • Reset Current Points  –  will reset the Points for the selected Actions to 0. This will completely remove the previous Points total.
  • Start New Points Total  – will clear Points for the selected Actions to 0 but the previous score is retained and can be retrieved from the Student Points Report. If this option is selected, you will be able to enter a Start Date for the New Points Total to start from.
  • Recalculate Points  –   will enable the recalculation of the Action Points Totals. This should ONLY be used when there is a mistake related to an Action Adjustment or an Action Reset Schedule. Clicking on the Recalculate button will also prompt a warning. 

Note: Please contact the Helpdesk before using this option.

You must now determine whether you are searching by Class or by Student – this selection will update the Find Tool accordingly.

You can now select the Actions for the Action Reset.

Use either the Group Name or Student Name (depending on previous selection) or use the find tool to locate the Class/Student of your choice.

If you have completed the selection of your Actions and you have chosen the Group option, you will see a confirmation message in red text which shows the Actions which will be Reset and your selected Groups.

Once you have made all of the required selections you can proceed with the reset, using either the Reset button (for Reset Current Points) or the Apply button (Start New Points Total).

The Schedule button will allow a scheduled time and day for the the reset to be run automatically, for example running it at the end of each term to begin the next term with new Points.

Select when you want the Schedule to occur using the dropdown list.

In this example we will use the Termly option.

Now chose whether when you want the Schedule to run On the Day following last day of Term or First day of subsequent term.

Enter a Time the Schedule will run.

Enter the Dates the Schedule will Run From and Until

Click on the Create button.

You can now view the Schedule by clicking on the Tasks button.

You can EditDelete and Run Task by clicking on the appropriate button.

Updated on January 12, 2022

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