How to Suspend Classes

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The Suspend Classes page allows specific Periods of a defined Class to be Suspended.

NoteSuspending Classes will not collapse the Timetable. The purpose of Suspending Classes is to free up Rooms and/or Staff so that they can be used for Cover.

Also see: How to Configure Cover

From the left Menu go to Modules > Cover > Cover > Suspend Classes.

This will open the Suspend Classes page.

To create a new Class Suspension, click the New button, this will open the Suspend Classes pop-up

Select the options:

  • Group Type – select from Class, Year Group and Tutor Group
  • Group Name – enter the Name or use the Search option
  • Start Date/End Date – select the Date Range the Suspension will cover

Select Individual Periods for Suspension by ticking each box. Do this for each day that you wish to have a Suspension.

When finished click Create to Save.

The Suspension will now be displayed in the Suspend Classes table.

Cover Configurations

From the left Menu go to Config > Cover > Configurations

There are two Configuration options relating to Suspended Classes. The first option allows you to set a Room Available for use when arranging Cover, when a Class is Suspended. The second option allows you to set a Staff Member as Available when arranging Cover, when a Class is Suspended.

Updated on June 21, 2023

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