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How to View Balances for Wraparound Care/Running Balance Clubs and Dinner Money

In this guide you will be shown the following on View Balances

  • View Wraparound Care/Running Balance Club Balances and Dinner Money Balances
  • Transfer credit balances between siblings

Pre-requisites: Have a Wraparound Care/Running Balance Club setup to be able to view the balances for both Wraparound Care/Running Balance Club and Dinner Money

Access: The minimum permissions to View Balances are found within the MCAS Module of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions > Online Payment > View Balances


View Balances

From Modules > MyChildAtSchool select View Balances


This will open the View Balances page. Once opened you will see a list of students and their balances for Wraparound Care/Running Balance Clubs and Dinner Money.

How to Transfer Credit Balances Between Siblings

Click to highlight the student with the credit balance. Then choose the Transfer button.

From – The student the credit balance is being transferred from

Destination Student – Sibling that will receive the credit transfer

To – Where the credit will be applied, e.g. Wraparound Care/Running Balance Club or Dinner Balance

Amount – How much is being Transferred

Comment – A mandatory comment to enter details as required.

Once all details are completed, click Confirm and you will receive a confirmation popup.

Updated on August 8, 2023

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