How to Make an Offline Payment for a Club

Use this function to allow people to pay for a club ‘offline’ eg. by Cheque.

Also see: How to Create a Club, How to Edit/Maintain a Club and How to Make a Payment for a Club from the Student List Page.

Note: There is a £1 minimum checkout amount on MCAS, meaning any purchasable items, Clubs, Trips or Products must cost £1 or above.

From Modules>MCAS>View Balances

Select Create Order.

Enter the students name in Select Student or click the blue Find to search for the student

Note: the student must be in a running balance club for the Add Running Balance Club Deposit to appear.

Click + Add Running Balance Club Deposit

Select a running balance club from the dropdown and enter the Amount to pay

Add to Order

Create Order – Summary.

Select Contact from dropdown

Either Create Order & Pay Now or Create Order

Select Pay Order

Select the Payment Method from the dropdown.

Select the member of staff who has received the payment from Payment Recieved By.

Select the Payment Received Date from the calendar.


Updated on November 11, 2022

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