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How to View Purchases from My Child at school

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This area is used to View Purchases made from My Child at School for Products, Clubs and Trips. Further drill down is available to View Order to Date and Payment Schedules for Individual Parents as well as View Debt and View Income with Grid Actions to Export, Print or Copy,

See also: How to View Orders.

  • View Purchases
  • View Income and View Debt
  • View Individual Order Summary and Outstanding Payment Schedule

View Purchases

From the Toolbar select MyChildAtSchool and click on View Purchases.

View Purchases

The Purchases are viewed as a List, select the correct date range to View the list of Purchases.

To View an Individual Purchase, select it and click the View button.

Click on the Item Name
  • Use the Grid Actions to Export, Copy or Print the Purchases, click on the column headers to Sort the Purchases.
  • Use the top right Search to look for a specific Student or Parent.
  • Select Parents to Send Messages, this will load the Student List Page with the selected Student in the Send SMS/Email. See How to Send an SMS Message or Email.
Assigned People

View Income and Debit

Once you have clicked on an individual Club, Trip or Product you can then click to either View Income or View Debt to further drill down.

View Income or Debt

View Individual Order Summary and View/Edit Payment Schedule

Click on a Parent in the View Assigned People Panel to see the Order Summary and Outstanding Payment Schedule.

Order Summary

To edit a Payment Schedule click on the pencil icon.

Edit Payment Schedule

Edit the Amount and/or Due Date, click the Green Tick to Save

Click Close to Close the Panel

Updated on June 22, 2023

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