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How to Manage Existing Orders in MyChildAtSchool, including Refunds

This area is used by the MCAS Administrator to;

Access: The permissions required to access View Orders can be found in the MCAS module from within Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions.


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How to Manage Refunds and Duplicate Orders

View Orders

From the left Menu go to Modules > MyChildAtSchool > Online Payment > View Orders.


To View an Order, select it using the tick box on the left and then click the View button.

View Orders

This shows the Order Details – what was Ordered, by whom, on which date, how much it was and the Order Status.

Order Details

Process Outstanding Orders

If the Order Status is Outstanding the Pay Order or Cancel Order buttons are also visible.

Cancel or Pay Order

If you choose to Pay an Order on behalf of the Parent, the following screen appears. Choose the Payment Method dropdown and the Payment Received By to complete the process.

Pay Order

If you choose to Cancel Order you can also do this from here. You will be asked to Confirm again, before the cancellation is processed.

Please Note: If you select Card as the Payment Method you will need to enter the Parent’s card Details.

Transfer Funds from Positive Balances for new Purchases

The option to Transfer from a positive balance to pay for other purchases has been added.

Processing Refunds

If the Order Status is Paid, then a Refund can be selected, either for each individual Item or the whole Order.

Please note if you are using World Pay then it will take up to 30 minutes from when the order was placed for the Refund option to appear.

To begin, View the Order following the instructions in the View Orders section of this guide. You will then have the option to Refund individual Items contained within the Order or Refund the Order as a whole.

To Refund an individual Item, Within the Ordered Items section you will see the Refund Item button against each individual Item contained within the order. Select the Refund Item button against the Item you would like to Refund.

Refund Item

Depending on the Item you are refunding, this will open either the Partial Refund pane or the Refund Pane.

Partial Refunds

Please be aware of the following scenarios for Partial Refunds;

  • We are unable to do partial refunds for instalment plans or part paid items (this causes issues in the database, part-paid items are essentially instalments so are treated the same)
  • We are unable to do partial refunds within 30 minutes of placing an order (this is a restriction from Worldpay side – can fully refund an order in that timeframe however)
  • We can do partial refunds for Dinner Money and Running Balance Clubs
  • We can do partial refunds on fixed price items but only when selecting to refund an individual item within an order. If you choose to refund the entire order you can only refund the full amount of the order.

Where a Partial Refund is possible, you will be prompted to enter the name of the Member of Staff who is processing the Refund, the Date the Refund is being processed, the Quantity to Refund (where the user has purchased more than one of the listed item) and the Amount to Refund.

Partial Refund

Where a Partial Refund is not possible, you will see the Refund Pane and will be prompted to enter the name of the Staff Member processing the Refund and the date the Refund is being processed.

Refund Item

Once you are happy the information is correct, click Confirm.

To Refund the whole Order and return all the Funds to the Parent, click Refund Order at the bottom of the pop up.

Refund Order

Complete this and click on the Confirm button. A second Confirmation will be provided. Click the Yes button to complete the Refund and return the Funds.


From the left Menu go to Modules > MyChildAtSchool > Online Payments > View Orders.

Use the Grid Actions to Copy, Create an Excel or CSV Export that will be saved locally.

Grid Actions

Create a PDF of the Orders or Print the Orders.

You can use the Search box to refine your results and Sort by clicking on the Column Headers to drill down further.

In this example Search by Order Item and Sort by Purchaser to view all of a particular item grouped by Purchaser, you could then use the Grid Actions to Export and create a Report.

Refine results

Order Statuses

From Modules>MCAS>View Orders there are 6 possible Order Statuses:

  • Paid: The Order has completed successfully and the payment has been processed.
  • Failed: The Order was unsuccessful – this could be due to the the user not completing the checkout process, or the users personal or bank details being entered incorrectly.
  • Outstanding: An Order has been created but payment hasn’t been made. This will usually be seen where the school has created an Order on the parent’s behalf but the parent has not yet made a payment or if Offline Payment is enabled and the Parent has selected this option at Checkout.
  • Cancelled: The Order has been Cancelled
  • Refunded: The Order was Paid for and completed successfully and the school has since issued a Refund.
  • Processing: An order is set to ‘Processing’ where our payment provider Worldpay has not yet specifically told us whether the order is Successful or Failed. Worldpay will cancel this order (if not completed) after 4 days, the status within View Orders will then update to ‘Failed’.

Please see the following flowchart explaining the process and the relevant Statuses at each stage.

Q: What to do with Processing Orders

A. If a payment is stuck on Processing it is likely going to fail. Currently, it can take up to 4 days for this to happen. So our advice is for the user to pay again. If they’re adamant it was successful the first time, then use ‘Check Status‘ on the View Orders Page. We are working with our provider to reduce the time it takes for the status to be updated.

Q: Can we update the Status?

A: If the Order is successful behind the scenes, but it still showing as “Processing”, then you can use ‘Update Status’ on the View Orders Page to check the Status with Worldpay.

This process is done every 30 mins as well as overnight.

Updated on February 6, 2024

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