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How to Manage Existing Orders in MyChildAtSchool, including Refunds

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This area is used by the MCAS Administrator to;

  • View and Manage Online Orders, whether they have been PaidProcessing or Failed
  • Process Outstanding Payments whether to cancel or pay an outstanding order
  • Process Refunds for an Item or Order i.e. Dinner Money
  • Transfer Funds from Positive Balances for new Purchases
  • Run Reports on Orders from the Grid Actions in the View Orders page

Also see: How to Create a New Order in My Child at School (for MCAS Administrators)

From the left Menu go to Modules > MyChildAtSchool > Online Payment > View Orders

To View an Order, select it and click the View button.

This shows the Order Details – what was Ordered, by whom, on which date, how much it was and the Order Status.

Process Outstanding Payments

If the Order Status is Outstanding the Pay Order or Cancel Order buttons are also visible.

If you choose to Pay an Order on behalf of the Parent, the following screen appears. Choose the Payment Method dropdown and the Payment Received By to complete the process.

If you choose to Cancel Order you can also do this from here. You will be asked to Confirm again, before the cancellation is processed.

Transfer Funds from Positive Balances for new Purchases

The option to Transfer from a positive balance to pay for other purchases has been added.

Refunding an Item or Order

If the Order Status is Paid, then a Refund can be selected, either for each Item or the whole Order, as per the image below.

Refund for an individual Item.

Clicking on the Refund Item button will open a the Partial Refund pane.

To Refund the whole Order and return all the Funds to the Parent, click Refund Order.

Complete this and click on the Confirm button. A second Confirmation will be provided. Click the Yes button to complete the Refund and return the Funds.

Run Reports

From the left Menu go to Modules > MyChildAtSchool > Online Payments > View Orders.

Use the Grid Actions to Copy, Create an Excel or CSV Export that will be saved locally.

Create a PDF of the Orders or Print the Orders.

Use the Search box to search by the column headers.

In this example Search by Order Name and Order Method to filter the page and Export to create a Report.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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