Resetting Dinner Numbers

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This guide will support you in how you can Reset Dinner Numbers. For example, if a Student came to School after the Dinner Numbers had been Confirmed.

Once the Dinner Numbers have been Confirmed, you can only change a Dinner for a Student if you Reset them. Otherwise they are locked and not editable.

If you need support in Confirming Dinner Numbers, please click here.

How to Reset Dinner Numbers

Modules > Dinners > Reset Dinner Numbers

Check the date for when you wish to Reset Dinner Numbers.

Use the Type drop-down list to and select Staff or Student. Then use the search button to select the Staff or Student(s). 

Select the Names of the people you want to reset numbers for and then Click Done.

The list of Names will appear with the Confirmed Dinner Choice. Click on the ones you wish to Reset this allows you to do a second check on their choices before you reset them.

Click Reset.

A Confirmation pop-up will appear. Then click Proceed.

The Dinner Numbers will now be Reset, you will now be able to go to the  Student List Page and make any necessary amendments and reconfirm when you have completed this task.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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