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How to Add a New Student

In this guide, we will cover the processes required to carry out the following actions;

  • Manually create a new Student (This can also be done via a CTF Import).
    • Students with Siblings.
    • Students without Siblings.
  • Creating Contacts to link to the new Student.

Access: The minimum permissions required to Add a New Student is found in the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Framework Module

See also: How to Add Students via CTF File and Additional Student Information.

Create a new Student

From the Left hand menu, go to the Student List Page.

It is advisable to check the Student hasn’t already been added to avoid duplicate records,

Once the page loads, press New.

Add a New Student

The Create New Student page contains the minimum information required to add a Student to the Statutory Registers (AM/PM) as shown below;  

Note: All fields marked with an * are mandatory.

Completing the Date of Birth field will automatically complete the Age and Chronological YG fields.

It will also default the Curriculum Yr Gp to match the Chronological YG field.

The Entry Date field is the date the Student is due to start or has started in the School, this will default to todays date.

Note: This can be in any Academic Year, either past, current or future years.

The Admission NumberEnrolment Status and Attend Mode are auto completed from the default configurations found in Config>Administration>Admission Settings on your system.

Students can also be allocated into Tutor Groups at this stage so that they automatically appear in the Register from their entry date.

This is done by clicking the Find icon next to Group Name.

This opens the Group Selector Page.

Once you have found the Tutor Group they will be joining, click on it to highlight the Tutor Group and press Done.

The rest of this guide will now split into two paths;

  • If the Student you are adding has Siblings
  • If the Student you are adding does not have Siblings.

Adding Students with Siblings

If the new Student has other Siblings on roll, click Save and Add Siblings when creating them.

This will open the Add Sibling page.

Type the name of Sibling in the Student Box or click the blue find icon to open the Student Selector List, the system will then provide you with the details of the Sibling.

Link Contacts, allows you to copy the details of the Contacts that are linked to the Sibling already on roll.

Once Link Contacts has been selected, you have the option to Link the displayed Contacts to the New Student, Link their Address & Tel and give MCAS Access if required.

These can be added separately later if needed but this process allows you to swiftly add the Contact Details.

Click Save to complete linking the Contacts/Sibling to the new Student, you will then be directed to the Student Profile Page.

After Saving the above page, the Student Record of the newly-created Student will automatically open.

From here, you can enter additional information for them if needed such as Contact Information and other Contacts/Siblings.

Adding Students without Siblings

If the Student does not have any Siblings, you can press Save to complete the process of creating their Record.

Pressing Save will then take you directly to their Student Record, where you can add further information like an Email address or Profile Picture.

Note: The Student Record will open on the Profile Tab by default, if you do navigate away this is the Tab needed to add Contacts.

Within the Profile tab, you will see an area for Contacts with a + icon at the far right.

You will need to press the + Icon at the far right of this area.

This will open the following screen where you have two options;

  • Click to Add Existing Contact – You would use this if you HAVE ALREADY created a Contact Record for the Contacts/Parents on your system, this allows you to link that Contact Record to the Student.
  • Click to Add New Contact – You would use this if you NEED TO create a Contact Record for the Contacts/Parents on your system, which this option allows you to do.

Click to Add existing Contact

Click to Add existing Contact provides you with a Search Bar where you would type the name of the Contact.

Note: It is very important here that you are aware of the Contact ID against each Contact highlighted below.

This will play a big part when/if you begin using MCAS as each Contact has a unique ID and there should not be more than one Record of each Contact on your system.

Once you can see the Contact, click on their name.

This will open the following screen where you can add/amend additional details and declare their access/relationship to the Student.

Once you are happy with the data, press Save.

Click to Add New Contact

Click to Add New Contact will provide you with the following screen where you need to manually enter the details of the Contact to create their Record.

Once the core details are added to the required fields, press Save.

Note: Pressing Save & Close at this point also creates the Contact Record but closes the window before the Contact and Student have actually been linked. Please press Save.

Pressing Save automatically takes you to the Linked Students tab to confirm the relationship with the Student.

Press Save once you are happy with the information.

The Contact Record has now been created and the Contact has also been linked to the Student (allowing for MCAS access later).

Updated on March 29, 2023

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