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How to Add a New Student

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant roles and permissions.

Use this process to create a New Student. This can also be done using the CTF import process. See also: How to Add Students via CTF File.

Start from the Student List Page and select New.

The Create New Student page will appear with the minimum information required to add a student to the Statutory Registers (AM/PM).  All fields marked with an * are mandatory.

Completing the Date of Birth field will automatically complete the Age and Chronological YG fields. It will also default the Curriculum Yr Gp to match the Chronological YG field

The entry date field is the date the student is due to or has started in school.

Note: This can be in any Academic Year, either past, current or future years.

The Admission NumberEnrolment Status and Attend Mode are auto completed from the defaults in Attendance Settings defaults.

Students can be allocated into Tutor Groups at this stage so that they automatically appear in the Register from the entry date, by clicking the Find icon.

This opens the Group Selector Page.

When you’re finished, Click Done and you’ll go back to the Create New Student page.

Saving this page will automatically open the Student Record of the newly-created Student, for additional information to be entered.

Updated on September 9, 2020

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