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Additional Student Information

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant roles and permissions.

Use this process to update a Student Profile with additional information. The additional information can be updated anytime after the initial Student Profile is created. Click here to create a New Student.

This guide will show you how to update information such as identifying a Student as Pregnant, a Service Child, Post Looked After, and SEN Additional Information.

Start from the Student List Page and select the Student who’s Profile you wish to update.

Click View

On the Profile page you will see a Pencil next to the Students name.

Click on the Pencil to Edit.

The middle tab is called Additional Details, click on it and here you can add Information. Such as Pregnant, a Service Child, Post Looked After Arrangements.

Once you have updated the areas please Click Save.

To add Additional Information Needs area and Click the + (the + is on the righthand side of the Special Educational Needs panel) to update the Information.

There are four tabs across the top, the final one allows you to add Additional Information such as if a Student is a member of a Special Class/Unit such as an Autism Unit or other Specialist Provision.

Once this information has been updated. Click Save

To update the Next Review Date click on the the SEN item you want to amend under the Special Educational Needs section.

Click on the Magnifying glass.

Click on the + icon to add new review date and notes.

Add your review date, notes and any attachments. Click Save.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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