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How to Add/Edit Meal Definitions

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Use this guide to set up your Meal Definitions, these are the charges for your Meal Types. When a meal is ordered for a Student/Staff if you want it to be chargeable you will need to set up your Meal Definitions.


  • Meal Types must be set up first, click here for guidance

Setting up Meal Definitions

Config > Dinner > Meal Definitions

The Meal Types will appear. There is a Selection Box where you can choose Student or Staff.

Select the Meal Type that wish to update. Then click Edit.

The following box will open with 2 sections

Edit Meal Category: Category 1 and 2 have dropdown menus for you to select from.

Add/Edit Meal Definition or Category

Add/Edit Meal Definition : Use this section to Add or Edit a Meal Definition. If you need to add a new charge create a new record.

Charge – How much you wish to charge for the Meal Type.

Associated Groups – This allows you to select the specific Groups you wish to apply the charge to.

Start/End Date – Date when you want these Charges to start and end. These can be added at a later date if you wish to update and possibly increase charges in the future. 

Delete – This will remove the the charge all together. If this has been used your students balances will be inaccurate afterwards. It is best you End Date the record and then create a new entry.

To save please Click the Green Tick.

 In the following image you can see multiple charges – this is because a different amount has been added for Nursery and Key Stage 2. You can also see the Year Groups that will be charged for this Meal Type

Completed Meal Definition

Close when charges are complete.

You can repeat and add charges to other Meal Types. In the following image you can see multiple charges – this is because I did a different amount for Nursery and Key Stage 2. You can also see the Year Groups that will be charged for this Meal Type.

Updated on August 1, 2023

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