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How to create an MCAS Dinner Menu

Note: All pages shown are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to create a Dinner Menu and publish it on MCAS.

The first step in this process is to go to Config>Dinner>Dinner Menus.


This will take you to the Dinner Menu page where any pre existing Menus will be visible.

Dinner Menu page

On this page you will need to press Add to create a new Menu.

Pressing Add will provide you with a Menu Details screen where you enter all of the relevant information.

Menu Details – Empty

In my example, I have created a Menu for the 21/22 Academic Year which is only visible to Year Groups 7-11.

My Menu has a 2 week cycle, which means there are 2 separate weeks where the choices are different and they rotate each week. For example;

Week 1 has Meal Choices 1-5, after Friday Week 1 it will switch to Monday Week 2.

Week 2 has Meal Choices 6-10, after Friday Week 2 it will switch back to Monday Week 1.

Menu Details – Populated

At the bottom of the page, you will see that there are options for Download Template and Import Menu Items.

Pressing Download Template will provide you with a Template download where you can create and amend multiple Menu Items in one place then Import them.

Add a Row and then add the required information

Once you have this Template, you may need to add an additional row to the Table and then add the information under each Column for the Menu Item you want to create.

Note: It is crucial to not amend the Column Headings otherwise the Import will not work.

Additional information added

Once you have added the information to your Template and saved it, you can now press Import Menu Items and browse for the same Template.

Once the Template has been Imported, you should receive a Success Message.


Now if you check the Menu Items by pressing Next at the top of the page, the Items you created should be visible.

Successfully Imported

Regardless of if you have Imported Menu Items or want to add them manually, once you have added your Menu Details, press Next.

Close, Next and Save

Pressing Next will take you to the Menu Item page where you can Select or manually Add Menu Items to be on your Menu.

Menu Items

If you wish to create a new Menu Item manually, press Add and this will allow you to create a new Meal Choice.

Creating a new Meal Choice

Once you have created a new Meal Choice for your Menu you can press Save.

Note: If you wish to add a Category like Vegan or Light Snack, you can add these via the Lookup Tables within Config>Administration>Lookup Tables>Dinner Food Option Category.

Creating a new Food Option Category within the Lookup Tables

Here you can create new Categories which you can then select when you make a new Menu Item.

Going back to the Dinner Menu, once you have all of the Menu Items in place you need to Highlight/Tick the ones you want to use and press Next.

Bringing the Menu Items forward

This will take you to the final page where you now determine which Menu Items are available on which Days and Weeks.

Adding Menu Items to the desired Days and Weeks

To do this, Hover on the space under one of the Weekdays until it turns blue then click on it. This will prompt you to add a Meal Choice.

Hover over the Day to add a Meal Choice

In my example, I can now select which Meal Choices I want available for Monday Week 1.

Select one or multiple Meal Choices

Continue until all of the Menu Days and Weeks have Meal Choices selected.

Completed Menu

Finally, once you Mark the Menu as Complete you will receive a success message, as well as the ability to Publish the Menu on MCAS.

Note: The Start/End Date you selected when first creating the Menu will determine when the Menu will be visible on MCAS and for how long.

Mark Menu as complete and Publish to MCAS

Now if you go back to Config>Dinner>Dinner Menus, the new Menu that you have created will appear with a status of Complete.


Updated on August 4, 2021

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