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How To Use Today’s Missing Registers

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From Modules select Attendance and Today’s Missing Registers.

This will open the below page.

Select the Date and check or uncheck Auto Refreshed. The Auto Refresh is set for 60 seconds by default.

Select the Periods to be viewed and under Status, tick the box Missing Registers.

Click the Refresh button for immediate results.

Send Teachers Reminders to Complete their Register

To send Teachers a Reminder to complete Missing Registers, click the Send Reminder button.

From the Send Reminders page, select who you want to send the Reminder to and amend the Reminder Message if needed. Then click on the Send Reminder Message button.

Notification will be sent to those listed and will show as a red flag when they click on the Bell icon the Reminder Message will display.

Updated on September 15, 2020

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