How to Manage Attendance

Attendance Officers can use this page to carry out the following tasks on the Manage Attendance page:

  • Overwrite Attendance for Students (Individually or in Bulk)
  • Add Attendance Comments for Students (individually or in Bulk)
  • Enter Marks for Students who have not yet been Marked or were initially late
  • Enter Marks for Individual Students
  • Take Attendance for Students sitting Exam Registers

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Manage Attendance page is found in the Attendance Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

See also: How to Use Today’s Missing Registers, How to Create and Manage Attendance Marks and How to Use Bulk Attendance Update

Overwrite Marks for Students (Individually or in Bulk)

From the left Menu, go to Modules>Attendance>Manage Attendance.


This will open the Select Student Attendance page. Click on the red Settings dropdown option top right to specify which Students you want to Record or Overwrite Attendance Data for such as Whole School, a Tutor Group or Report Group.

Use the Data Range to Manage Attendance for a Specific Date, Week or Exam Register. If you choose Week you have the option to select specific Students.

These settings are used to Filter to specific Students, Attendance Codes or Periods of the Day.


Note: Whole School Attendance can only be selected for a specific Date.

When done click Apply, you will now see specific list of Students you have chosen with all of the available Attendance Boxes you can enter Marks into for them. In this example I am using Whole School.

Once the Students are populated, there are some options you have with regards to selecting which Marks to overwrite;

  • Selecting an individual Period box will turn that Period green to indicate it is selected, you can now enter an Attendance Code for that Period which will turn it yellow to indicate the Mark has been changed
  • Selecting a Period Column Heading (AM, Period 1, Period 2 etc) will highlight that Period for every Student in your list, you can now enter an Attendance Code which will enter that Code for every Student available in that Period
  • Selecting a Date Column Heading will highlight all of the Periods on that Day for every Student in your list
  • Lastly, selecting the Students name will highlight every Period in that row for as many Days/Periods you initially selected in the Settings

Once your Attendance has been overwritten or entered, click Save you will see that all of your changes are securely in place. It is highly advisable to Save changes as you go if you are using this page for a while and please take care when selecting Periods/Students to ensure pre-existing Attendance is not overwritten.

Changed Periods

A useful tip for this page if you want to amend Student Attendance for Days/Periods at a time is if you select Week and Student when choosing your Settings then tick Show Amend Daily Attendance Buttons, you will notice some arrows appear next to each Day for the Students.

Single Clicking the arrow will highlight that entire day for just the selected Student

Double Clicking the arrow will open an Individual Attendance section where you can amend the Marks there.

Note: The Teacher shown on the right is the Timetabled Teacher of that Period/Class.

Going back to Whole School, another advantage of using it is that you still have the ability to reduce the list down to just individual Students by using the Search Bar located on the right to enter a First/Last Name.

Every Student listed while on Whole School

Add Attendance Comments for Students (individually or in Bulk)

On the Manage Attendance page, once you have your Students selected you will see some buttons appear just above the table of Students.

  • Save/Cancel refer to the Attendance Data you are entering against the Students below
  • Add Comment allows you to add a custom Comment against an Attendance Mark for a Student or Students
  • The downward facing Arrow allows you to Export the Table of Students directly in to Excel

To enter an Attendance Comment, you would firstly need to select an Attendance Mark from within the Table so that it turns green. Once the box is selected, as long as the Mark is saved you can press Add Comment and a small pop-up box will appear.

Enter your Comment and click Ok to Save it against the Mark for that Period. You should see that the Attendance Mark now has a Red Triangle in the top right corner, which indicates a Comment has been Saved.

Once a Comment has been added, hovering your mouse pointer over that Mark will show you the Comment.

Note: If you overwrite a Mark which already has a Comment, you will also lose the previously entered Comment.

A Comment can also be added directly to a ? Mark without having to add an Attendance Mark.

Note: A Mark must be saved for you to enter a Comment otherwise you will receive the following message.

Enter Marks for Students who have not yet been Marked or were initially late

While it is recommended that Attendance is taken via the actual Register by Teachers, Attendance Officers will have the ability to enter Attendance via Manage Attendance if needed.

If Registers have not been taken by Teachers, your Students should show on Manage Attendance with Missing Marks (?)

An Attendance Officer can select entire Rows, Columns or Days within the Table on to bulk highlight Periods to overwrite (Primary Schools will only have AM/PM Periods).

Once all Periods with Missing Marks are selected and turn green, you can now enter the Attendance Code which will flood fill for all highlighted Attendance boxes.

Click the Save button at the top left of the Students table to lock in the entered Attendance.

Note: Entering Attendance via Manage Attendance will not automatically update Registers showing as Missing/Red on Today’s Missing Registers. On Modules > Attendance > Today’s Missing Registers, you will need to use Update Headers to update the Marks and pull them across to the Registers.

Enter Marks for Individual Students.

To enter Marks for Individual Students either go to Modules > Attendance > Manage Attendance.

Or from Modules > Attendance > Student Attendance Status. Right click on the required Student and select Amend Student Attendance to load the Manage Attendance Page with the selected Students details.

Change the Date Range to Week and View By to Student. Click the blue Find icon to open the Student Selector.

Then enter the Attendance Marks as required.

Tip: Amend the Week Start and End Dates to see more than one week.

Amend Multiple Weeks Attendance

Take Attendance for Students sitting Exams

Attendance Officers will have the ability to enter Attendance for Students that are taking Exams via the Manage Attendance page as well.

The Exam Registers will populate if there is Exam Basedata in the system, Students have entries against the Component and are Seated. If this is in place, you should see these Exams available under Exam Register on Manage Attendance.

From here, you can select the Exam Register of your choice and this will allow you to take the Attendance for all of the Students who are part of that Exam. In the same way as with regular Attendance, simply enter the Marks and then Save the page.

Updated on May 23, 2023

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