How to use the Tutor Group Timetable Generator

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  • This process relies on there being an Associated Member of Staff to add to the Tutor Group.
  • Ideally, you will have a Location too – without this it will make it harder to manually adjust the Timetable (if needed) at a later point.

See also How to Create a New Tutor Group and How to Edit a Tutor Group Timetable.

From the left menu choose Modules > Curriculum > Tutor Group Timetable Generator.

Home Screen Pathway

Select the Dates that you want the Timetable to run for and the Tutor Groups that you want to Create the Timetable for.

TImetable Generator

Then click Apply and a notification will tell you if this has been successful.



  • As in the image above, if you do not have a Room Set in the Group before you use this Tool, the Location will show as UNKNOWN.
  • It will create an AM and PM Timetable for all the Associated Staff, so you may need to manually adjust this if it is a Split Group.
Updated on November 11, 2022

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