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How to Create a New Tutor Group

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

From the left Menu go to Groups, select Tutor Group from the Group Type dropdown and click New.

Complete all mandatory fields (denoted by *) – NameDescriptionMain TutorDefault Room, Year Group and Start Date.

Note: On Mixed Age (Year) Tutor Groups, create a Year Group called ? to assign to Tutor Groups containing Students from multiple Year Groups to avoid the MIS making incorrect assumptions about the Tutor Group itself. This does not affect the actual Year Group of the Student.

If the Group is to continue into subsequent years, it is not necessary to add an End Date.

Select the correct option for you from the list:

  • Registration occurs in AM/PM sessions – the Tutor Group holds all statutory marks so the Registration will be in the AM/PM sessions
  • Registration is scheduled in timetable – is for centres who do NOT need to maintain statutory data
  • No Timetable – is for adding Guests or other Students into a Group to account for all Students not in standard Tutor Groups

Click Save to save and return to the Groups page or Save and Edit to continue maintaining the Tutor Group.

The Basic Group Details will display the Group settings including the Registration option selected.


If you have selected the Registration occurs in AM/PM sessions option the AM and PM sessions will be created automatically for the Main Tutor entered at creation. If a Tutor Group is shared, adding another Member of Staff under the Associated Staff panel, will automatically add them to the Associated Timetable.

Add Students

The Student Memberships panel, allows Students to be added individually, using the Add New Record option and in bulk using the Add Multiple option or Transferred using the Transfer option.

To Add a Single Student select the Add New Record option, add the Student, untick the End Date tick box to add an End Date, if required, then under the Actions column click the Tick.

Repeat to add Additional Students.

If the Student is already in another Tutor Group a Message will be displayed.

Students can be EditedDeleted or Transferred to another Tutor Group by clicking on the double Arrows to Transfer, the Pencil to Edit or the Dustbin to Delete under the Actions column to the right of the Student

Selecting the Add Multiple option, will open a pop-up for the Tutor Group.

Either enter the Student names or click the Magnifying Glass icon to use the Student Selector option.

The selected Students will be displayed in the Selection List.

Click Save to add them.

To Edit Multiple Students, use the selection boxes and the click the Edit button.

This will open the Edit pop-up, listing the selected Students, make the change and Save or Cancel.

To Transfer one or more Students to another Tutor Group, use the selection boxes and click the Transfer button. This will open the Transfer pop-up. Select the Tutor Group from the Group Name dropdown list and click Save to complete or Cancel.

Group Exceptions

An Exception is a way of Excluding a Student from a Teaching Class or Tutor Group for a specific period without removing them from the Group entirely. Exceptions can also be used to create Inclusions, where a Student is added to a Teaching Class or Tutor Group for a specific period.

To Add an Exception select the Add New Record option. Select either Exclusion or Inclusion form the Type dropdown list, then add the Student from the dropdown list, add the Start and End Date and the Week – Day – Period, then click on the Tick Icon to the right of the record.

Repeat to add Additional Week – Day Period selections or additional Students.

Exceptions can be Edited or Deleted by clicking on the Pencil to Edit or the Dustbin to Delete under the Actions column to the right of the Exception.

Updated on May 24, 2023

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