How to Delete Assessment Data

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This guide will show you how to Delete Assessment Data, for example if data has been been entered in error.

Important: please note this is a Permanent Delete.  

Start by going to Modules>Assessment>Manage Data 

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Then select Action and Bulk Delete 

In each box you will find a Drop Down. The first four fields are * and mandatory. 

  • Assessment Types – the Assessment Type of results you wish to delete – Attitude to Learning for example 
  • Terms – the Terms for results you wish to delete – Autumn 1 for example 
  • Year Groups – the Year Group of results you wish to delete – Year 11 for example 
  • Subjects – the subjects for the results you wish to delete – English for example 
  • Data Range
  • Grades

Click the blue Validate button at the bottom. 

The following list will appear showing you what is about to be Deleted

Click Delete if you wish to proceed permanently deleting this data and you will be asked to confirm.  

Please note this it will permanently delete the data from students records and the MIS

Updated on November 11, 2022

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