How to Arrange Cover

Cover Administrators use this area to;

  • View Staff already recorded as Absent
  • Record Staff as Absent
  • Add Cover
  • Save and Publish Cover
  • Further Options
  • Configure the Arrange Cover Page
  • Cover Grid Options
  • Publishing Cover

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Arrange Cover page is found in the Cover Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Cover Permissions

See also How to View and Edit a Teaching Class and How to Add Staff to Teaching Classes and/or Groups

Go to Modules>Cover> Arrange Cover.

Arrange Cover

The Arrange Cover panel opens by default for todays date, if you choose a date in the future by clicking on the top left calendar to mark absences and room closures and then refresh the page it will re-load with todays date.

Set the Staff Type to Teacher (Default).

Once you’ve defined the Staff Type, you will be able to view a list containing every residing member. This can then be Filtered again to narrow down the list.

Staff who have already been recorded as Absent

Members of staff who have been made absent in the Administration module or by Staff Absence in Cover will be displayed to the right of the Staff List

If you Need to Record the Staff Absence

Staff can also be added as Absent on this page. Simply right click on the name of the person to be made absent and from the Context Menu select Add Staff As Absent. This will also update the Staff Absence in the Administration module, so it does not have to be entered again.

Note: Multiple members of Staff can be selected at once.

A new window will display where the Absence Details are added, complete this and click Save.

This staff member will now display on the Cover page.

Add the Cover

To add Cover click on a Period to be covered. Once selected it will display a red border and the Staff available for that period will be displayed.

Click on the member of Staff who will be covering that period and drag them onto the period to be covered.

Tip: the green arrows on the Staff name define which periods they are available either side of the selected period. This can be used if covering for a double period.

In this example the green arrow to the right of the staff initials indicates this member of Staff is available for cover for the sessions after the selected period.

In this example the green arrows either side of the staff initials indicate this member of Staff is available to cover for sessions before and after the selected period

Once you have dragged the member into the period box, the page will refresh and the period will now be covered. The covered period will now display in a teal colour with a red outline and the initials of the Cover Teacher will show in the bottom right.

Dragging the Cover Teacher onto the left hand box containing the Absent Teacher’s name, will cover the periods for the whole day (this will not include AM or PM registration).

Save and Publish the Cover

You have the option between Save and Save and Publish. Use Save Only option if you wish to Arrange the Cover, but not put it into effect immediately.

See also: How To Publish Cover

Simply click the First icon (without the tick) to Save Only – or click the Second icon (with the tick) to Save and Publish.

Further Options

Right- click on a period that has had Cover Arranged to see the following.

  • Publish Period Cover Data – This option allows you to instantly publish the selected periods cover details. This is useful for when amendments need to be made quickly.
  • Remove Teacher – This option will allow you to remove the currently assigned covering teacher.
  • Remove Room – This allows you to remove the covering room from the selected periods cover.
  • Swap Teacher – This option allows you to replace the covering teacher, with an alternative, available teacher.
  • Swap Room – This option allows you to replace the covering room, with an alternative room.
  • Display this Teacher’s Timetable – This option will display the covering teachers current timetable.
  • Display this Room’s Timetable –This option will display the selected rooms current timetable.
  • Display Student Group List – This option will give a list containing the name of each student that is a current member of the selected class.
  • Add Extra Cover Staff – This option displays another menu, which in turn displays a list of staff associated with it.
  • Split to half-periods – This will split the selected period into two separate ‘half’ periods.
  • Set to cover not required – This option is used for periods in which cover is no longer required.

Configuring the Page Views

To create a new Display Format, click on the Filter icon, where you can add a New View, or Edit or Delete an existing one.

From this page you can now configure the Column Display name as well as determine the fields you would like to be displayed. You can alter the name of these fields. To undo an altered field, simply click the Blue Arrow icon. Once you are happy with your display configuration, you can click the Save button.

Cover Grid Options

There are three additional option top right of the Cover Grid. The first will display a Student Groups List report that can be Printed or Exported.

The second is a Legend that will explain the colours used on the Cover Grid.

The third is a Filter for the Cover Grid.

Publishing Cover

Cover can be Saved as you go along, working on the Current and Future Dates by clicking the Save button.

The Date can be changed using the Date selector and you can return to the current Date at anytime by clicking the Go To Today button.

Clicking the Save & Publish button will Save your changes and Publish them so that Staff will be able to see if they have been allocated Cover.

The Toggle switch allows the Cover to be Published for just the selected Date or for all of the Dates you have worked on.

When Cover has been arranged the teacher will see this on the My Calendar widget on Teacher Dashboard, shown as an orange C.

Updated on January 30, 2024

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