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How to View and Edit a Teaching Class

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This article shows you how to:

See also: How to Create a New Teaching Class and How to Add Staff to Teaching Classes and/or Groups.

Once the End Of Year Process has been completed you can see next years timetable by running the Timetable Report for Staff see How to Run the Timetable Report for Staff

From the left Menu go to Groups and select Teaching Class from the Group Type dropdown list and click New.

Note: For a Secondary school Teaching Class will be the default when viewing the Groups page.

Edit Basic Details

To Edit the Basic Group Details select the required Groups and make the changes to the relevant fields, then simply click Save at the top of the page.

Edit Timetable

To make changes to the Timetable scroll down to the Associated Timetable section. Click on the Pencil icon on the right of the row, make the changes and click on the Tick to Save the changes.

Add another member of Staff to a Class

In the Associated Timetable section select the Add Record option then in the additional row enter the details from the dropdown lists and click the Tick on the right to Save.

The system will update the Timetable instantly but for this to show on the Teacher/Room Timetable, select the Update Staff and Rooms button and accept the changes. Otherwise, Staff and Room Timetables will update overnight.

Group Exceptions

An Exception is a way of Excluding a Student from a Teaching Class or Tutor Group for a specific period without removing them from the Group entirely. Exceptions can also be used to create Inclusions, where a Student is added to a Teaching Class or Tutor Group for a specific period.

To Add an Exception select the Add New Record option. Select either Exclusion or Inclusion form the Type dropdown list, then add the Student from the dropdown list, add the Start and End Date and the Week – Day – Period, then click on the Tick Icon to the right of the record.

Repeat to add Additional Week – Day Period selections or additional Students.

Exceptions can be Edited or Deleted by clicking on the Pencil to Edit or the Dustbin to Delete under the Actions column to the right of the Exception.

The Learning Aims section will only activate if an appropriate Exam Level has been added and can be used for selections using a QN Code or an Exam Option Code.

Updated on June 2, 2023

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