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How to View and Edit a Teaching Class

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This article shows you how to:

  • Edit Basic Details
  • Edit the Timetable
  • Add another Member of Teaching Staff to a Class
  • Use Group Exceptions

See also: How to Create a New Teaching Class and How to Add Staff to Teaching Classes.

Once the End Of Year process has been completed you can see next years timetable by running the Timetable Report for Staff see How to Run the Timetable Report for Staff

From the left hand menu select Groups then select the Teaching Class from the Group Type drop down

Select the Class or Classes required to be Viewed/Edited by using the Filters or selecting directly from the list, then click on the View on the top left.

Curriculum View Edit a Teaching Class 002

Edit Basic Details

To Edit the Basic Group Details select the required Groups and make the changes to the relevant fields, then simply click Save at the top of the page.

Edit Timetable

To make changes to the timetable of a Teaching Class, either select Timetable from the left-hand menu (old version) or scroll down to Timetable (new version).

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Associated Timetable section. Note the Associated Timetable is ranked in date order as apposed to Week Day with the earliest date first.

The default setting is to show Associated teachers and rooms. Switch the radio button according to the action to be performed:

Available teachers and rooms

All teachers and rooms

Select the Pencil icon on the right-hand side of the record to edit an existing period 

Click into the part of the record to be changed and then click the tick in the blue circle Tick icon on the right to update 

Add another member of Staff to an existing Period

Switch the Radio button according to the action to be performed.

On the record line that has the 

 icon and starting from the left-hand side of the record,

Set the Start DateEnd Date, add the Timetable Week and Day, the period followed by Member of Staff and finally the Room.

Save the record by clicking the 


The system will update the Timetable instantly but for this to show on the Teacher/Room Timetable, select the Update Staff and Rooms button and accept the changes. Otherwise, Staff and Room Timetables will update overnight.

Group Exceptions (Exclusion and Inclusion)

Exceptions can be used in the example you want to transfer a student from one teaching class to another for a specified period or periods for a specified period of time.

For Example: you want to create an Exclusion for a student from their Year 11 English Class on a Thursday Period 5 and then an Inclusion for Year 11 Maths Class on a Thursday Period 5 for one month prior to an exam. You may wish to do this if a student is struggling in one subject but excelling in another.

To do this go into each Teaching Class in turn and create the Exclusion and then an Inclusion for the other Teaching Class. The Student will revert back to the original class after the defined end date.

Updated on March 28, 2023

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