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How to add Staff to Teaching Classes and/or Groups

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

In this guide, you will be shown how to Assign Single or Multiple Teachers to existing Teaching Classes either through the Staff Timetabling process or manually.

If you are looking to create a New Teaching Class and assign Teachers to it, please see How to Create a New Teaching Class.

See also: How To Manage Staff Timetabling and How to Edit a Tutor Group Timetable.

Staff Timetabling

From the left Menu, select the Staff page and select members of Staff, then from Actions select the Staff Timetabling option.

The selected Staff will then be displayed one at a time, the Previous and Next buttons will allow you to move between them.

To view the Timetable, click on the Managed Non-Timetabled Time button.

The Groups and Timetable for the current week will be displayed for the first Staff member selected. If there is more than one Timetable Week, the Current Week will be displayed first.

Selecting the Manage Classes button at the bottom of the page will open the Staff Timetabling for Selected Teacher, pop-up, with the additional options of Add, Transfer or Remove.

To Add a Teacher to a Group or Groups, select the Add Class button.

Select the Group(s) either by using the Magnifying Glass button and the appropriate Filters or by typing the Group(s) one at a time into the window and selecting them. The moveable Selection List box will appear to the right with your selections.

Select the Staff Role, Main Teacher, Teacher or Support from the dropdown list and the Start Date, when complete click Save.

These Classes have now been added to the list for that member of Staff.

Manual Timetabling

If you prefer a more manual method for making Staff or Timetable changes to a Teaching Class, you can use the following method. You can also use this method to assign Staff to other Groups for example assigning a member of support staff to a Year Group,

From the left Menu, go to Groups, select Teaching Class from the Group Type dropdown list, select one or more Classes and click View.

This will open the Group Details of the Teaching Class, from there you can scroll down to the Associated Staff panel.

In this panel, you can add any Staff to the group as long as they are active. To do this, press Add New Record. Then from the dropdown lists add the Staff Name, Role and Start Date, then click the Tick in the Actions column.

Note: There can only be one Main Teacher in a given date range but you can have multiple Teachers (not main).

Once the Teacher has been added, scroll further down to the Associated Timetable panel.

From here, there are many ways to add a Teacher to a Period like Add Multiple or Add New Record, they are explained thoroughly in the following guide – How to edit a Tutor Group Timetable (this guide is for a Tutor Group but the same methods apply).

Access: There are two sets of minimum permissions required to follow the steps shown in this guide, both can be found in the Framework Module of Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions > Framework

Updated on February 21, 2024

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