How to Bulk Assign Students to Groups

In this guide, we will show you how to bulk assign Students to Groups, for example when running End of Year processes and creating the Groups for the following year.

You cannot use the Bulk Group Assignment Tool to assign Pre-Admission students to groups. It will need to be done via Groups.

If you wish to complete this off system first, for example by collecting the data on a spreadsheet, you can Import the data. See How to Bulk Assign Students to Groups using Import/Export.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access this feature are found in the Curriculum Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

From the left Menu go to Modules > Curriculum and from Routines select Bulk Group Assignment.

There are four options for adding Students to Groups which can be selected from the Bulk Update Type dropdown list. The options are, Class MembershipsTutor Group MembershipsClass Memberships via Block and Band Memberships. In this example we are looking at assigning to a Class.

Note: Class Memberships via Block requires Students to have been added to Groups already.

Pick Students from a List

Select the Group Names of the Classes by using the Find button (this will be quicker than typing individual Groups).

Click the Done button at the top right

Next, find the Students using the associated Find button and again use the Filters to make the required selection of Students. Click Done to make the selection and return to the Bulk Assignment page.

Click the Done button at the top right.

Click the Go button. The page will then offer a series of options for Membership.

  • The default is Swap on click – take care with this. If Students are in multiple Groups this function will remove all memberships and put the Student in a single Group. It is ideal for use with the Tutor Group Assignment option or amending Students from a single Group to another.
  • Add/remove on click – if adding Students to more than one Group, select this.
  • Set column on header click – this allows the User to add all Students to a Group by simply clicking the Group Name Header.
  • Auto update indicator – will update the colour to the left of the Student (the Indicators key define the colours used: Red, White and Yellow. This is useful for a quick visual check to ensure all Students are in a Group).
  • Split Totals by Gender – will split the total of Students by Gender and display this at the bottom of the grid

Set the Start Date for Student Memberships and leave the Track Class end Date selected if the association will last until the End Date.

If unchecking Track Class End Date, add the End Date for the Students in the window provided.

Note: this will not return them to their original group after this date.

Changes to Memberships can also be managed this way if, for example, you are transferring multiple Students from one set to another.

A range of further action options are available to the User depending on the action required – Add Columns, Auto Allocate, ResetRemove All Memberships, Undo, Redo and Check Clashes.

Important: be careful removing all memberships!

Active On Date

The Active On Date is important as both Students and Groups must be active during the Academic Year.

For mid-year, where Groups and Students continue to exist, this can generally be left as today’s date.

For adding students to future groups (those not active until a future date), set the Active on date to one when the Groups/Students will be active.

Assign Students by Need/Other Criteria

At this stage you can add further contextual information to the list of Students and use this to allocate them.

  • Use the Add Columns function to add contextual information such as SEN Status.

Then from the list simply tick the box(es) accordingly to select the Students. Use the Check Clashes button if desired, and then either Save or Save & Close to finish.

Auto Allocate Students

Use the Auto Allocate button for a random allocation of Students to the Groups.

Updated on March 15, 2023

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