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How to Create Orders (for MCAS Administrators)

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

The option for a member of Staff to Create an Order on behalf of a Parent.

See also: How to Manage Existing Orders.

Note: There is a £1 minimum checkout amount on MCAS, meaning any purchasable items, Clubs, Trips or Products must cost £1 or above.

From the left Menu go to Modules>MyChildAtSchool>View Orders.

Click the Create Order button.

This will open the Order Details page.

Select the Student the Order will be associated with using the Find option. Items can be added for more than one Student; simply add a Student and the Items, then select another Student and add the Items for them.

If ordering other items use the dropdown list to select from and click on the green Tick icon to the right to add the item to the Order list.

If an item can be paid for over Instalments the option to Pay in Full or Add a Deposit will be shown. Select the relevant option. When finished click Next.

Select a Contact for the Order and then click either Create Order or Create Order and Pay Now.

Add Dinner Money

You can add Dinner Money from this page. To do this, click on the Add Dinner Money Balance + icon and enter the amount to be added to the Dinner Balance, then click on the Add to Order button.

Running Club Instalments

Payments can also be added for Products bought by Instalment or for Part Paid Products for Running Balances. When selecting a Student who has an Instalment or Part Paid Product payment still due two options Process Instalments or Part Paid Items will display, click this link to add a Payment.

Select the Item from the dropdown menu, the Amount to be Paid will auto update, click the Add to Order button.

Clicking the Process Instalments or Part Paid Items link again will allow another Item to be added, if there are more than one, when finished click the Next button and continue as normal.

Updated on June 20, 2023

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