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How to manage refunds and duplicate Orders

Note: All pages shown below are subject to having relevant Roles & Permissions.

Use this guide for information on Partial Refunds and how to correct situations where a Parent has created Duplicate Orders accidentally or purchased an Item more times than intended. The processes you will be shown include;

See also How to Manage Existing Orders

Partial Refunds

For clarification on partial refunds please the following;

  • We are unable to do partial refunds for instalment plans or part paid items (this causes issues in the database, part-paid items are essentially instalments so are treated the same)
  • We are unable to do partial refunds within 30 minutes of placing an order (this is a restriction from Worldpay side – can fully refund an order in that timeframe however)
  • We can do partial refunds for Dinner Money and Running Balance Clubs
  • We can do partial refunds on fixed price items but only when selecting to refund an individual item within an order. If you choose to refund the entire order you can only refund the full amount of the order.

Correcting Separate Orders

The first step in this process is to go to Modules>MCAS>View Orders.

This page will display all of the Orders received/processed in the last 30 days.

You will need to find the Separate/Duplicate Orders and determine which one you wish to remove.

Once you have identified it, double click on the Order and the following pop out screen will appear.

If an Order contains multiple Items, they will be listed and you will be able to Refund individual Items if needed (this will be shown later in the guide).

However in this example, the Order only contains one Item, so the entire Order will be Refunded by pressing Refund Order.

A Confirmation message will then appear, press Yes if you wish to process the Refund.

You will automatically be returned to the View Orders page, where you will see the Order now shows a Status of Refunded.

You will also notice that the Amount now shows as £0, this is because the Order is now worth/has a value of £0 following the Refund.

Correcting one Order containing Duplicate Items

Above you were shown how to correct a scenario where a Parent made Separate/Duplicate Orders.

You will now be shown how to correct a scenario where a Parent has made one Order containing Duplicate Items, this usually happens when they add an Item/Product to their Basket too many times on MCAS.

You will again need to go to Modules>MCAS>View Orders and identify the Order.

Once found, double click on it to open the Order Details.

This time, you are going to press Refund Item instead of Refund Order because the Order needs to remain but the Amount needs to be corrected.

This will allow you to process a Partial Refund via a pop out screen shown below;

Select the Quantity/Amount you are Refunding and press Confirm.

This will then provide a Confirmation Message, press Yes to Confirm the Partial Refund.

You will then be taken back to the View Orders page but you will need to refresh the page for the Order to update this time.

Once the page reloads, you will see the Order has not been removed and just the Amount has been corrected.

If you double click on the Order one last time, you will be able to see the Partial Refund Details for reference/confirmation.

Cancelling an Outstanding Order

Only Orders that have been Paid can be Refunded or Partially Refunded which have both been covered above.

If an Order has not been Paid yet and is Outstanding, you will have the option to Cancel or Pay it (this will be covered in the next section).

This can occur when an Item/Product offers Offline Purchases on MCAS, meaning a Parent doesn’t have to pay by Card and can bring Cash to School if they want.

This creates an Outstanding Order against them and displays on their MCAS Account reminding them that they owe money.

If a Parent creates an Outstanding Order accidentally, it is simple to correct.

You will again need to go to Modules>MCAS>View Orders and identify the Order.

Double click on the Order and you will see the following pop out screen;

In this situation you would need to press Cancel Order.

You will be asked to Confirm your decision by pressing Yes.

This will Cancel the Order and the View Orders page will automatically display this change.

This concludes the process for Cancelling an Order.

Paying an Outstanding Order

Lastly, you also have the ability to Pay an Outstanding Order.

This can occur in a scenario where a Parent brings in Cash to School for the Order and you need to update the Order to mark it as Paid because they cannot update this via MCAS.

When an Outstanding Order that you wish to Pay is open, press Pay Order.

After you press Pay Order, you will be able to add the Payment Method and Date that you received Payment from the Parent.

You will asked to Confirm the decision by pressing Yes.

This will update the View Orders page automatically and the Outstanding Order will now show as Paid.

Updated on February 6, 2024

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