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How to Mark a MyChildAtSchool Order as Paid by Cash

This guide will show you how you can mark a previously made Order as Paid by Cash. This could be used in the example the parent has come into school and wants to pay Cash for a School Uniform item that they have previously ordered through MCAS.

Access: The Permissions required to access View Orders can be found in the MCAS module from Config > Setup > Roles and permissions


See also:

Select Modules > MyChildAtSchool > View Orders from the left hand menu


In the example below from Config>MCAS>Online Payments Enable Offline Purchaseshas been ticked and then click Save. This means parents can add items to their basket in MCAS without paying for the item, these Orders will then have the Order Status as Outstanding in Modules>MCAS>View Orders

This will display a list of the school’s recent Orders made either through MCAS by a Parent or in school by school staff.

You can also click Create Order in the scenario a parent has come into school and wants to order something and pay by cash.

You can use the Date Filters in the top left hand corner to look at specific dates, there is also a top right Search bar that can be used to search for specific Students.


Locate the Order you would like to mark as Paid, select it by ticking the box on the left hand side and then click View.

View Orders

This will load a pop up displaying the Order Details, at the bottom of the pop up click Pay Order

Order Details

In the Payment Method dropdown select Cash

Pay Outstanding Payment

In the Payment Received By field choose the member of staff who took the payment and enter the date the payment was received in Payment Received Date. Once you’re happy the information is correct click Confirm to mark the order as paid by Cash.

Updated on January 3, 2024

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