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How to use the Import Pupil Choices page

In this guide, we will show you how to use the Import Pupil Choices page within the Options Module.

Access: The minimum permission required to use the Import Pupil Choices page is found in the Options Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Pre-requisites: In order to use the Import Pupil Choices page, you must have already created an Options Setup which is published and had the Import ticked within the Setup Details.

See also How to use the Options Setup page and How to use the Review Pupil Choices page.

To begin, go to Modules>Option>Import Pupil Choices.

The Import Pupil Choices page will load and any active Options Setup which had Import ticked within the Setup Details will be visible.

Pressing the Info button will provide you with instructions/requirements for the Import.

Please read this information carefully so that you enter the data correctly based on which Rules were set up. The template must be in CSV format to upload

Once you have read the requirements provided within the Info button, use the Download Template Button to export the Pupil Choices Template.

As long as you have no pop up blocker active or download windows open, the Template will download and appear at the bottom of your browser.

Once you open the Template, you can populate the Pupil Choices.

As specified in the Info section a few steps prior, the way you populate the choices here depends on which Rules you initially selected in the Options Setup.

In the example below, x’s are being used to indicate Pupil Choices because the rule set was Select 1 subject from each group.

Once the Pupil Choices have been entered, save the Template on your PC as a .CSV File. Only a .CSV File can be Imported with the Pupil Choices, .xls will not work.

Now return to the Import Pupil Choices page and press Import Template.

Select your Template and wait a few seconds for the Import to complete.

You will receive a success notification once it is done, and you will see that the Pupil Choices have now updated.

This concludes the process for Importing Pupil Choices.

Updated on December 11, 2023

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