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How to Use the Kitchen Statistics Report

This guide shows you how to use the Kitchen Statistics report to provide Dinners information to your Kitchen Staff and/or Dinner Supervisors.


  1. Completed Dinner Registers
  2. Confirmed Dinner Numbers – see How to Confirm and Save Dinner Numbers.
  3. Medical/Dietary Conditions sorted into separate categories using the Medical Condition Types via the Lookup Tables – see How to edit Lookup Tables.

From the left Menu go to Reports > Dinner > Kitchen Statistics.

Start by selecting the appropriate Date Range, Year Group or Other Group Type and Meal Types you wish to include within the report.

Then using the tick boxes, select whether you wish to include any Custom Meal Notes (if using Custom Meals) as well as Dietary Needs/Medical Conditions and select the required Medical/Dietary Condition Type from the list.

Finally, using the next set of tick boxes, select if you wish to Include Student Details and Staff Details and their Meal Choices or Show FSM for Students and Hide Dietary Needs/Medical Conditions for Student Details from within the Student Details area of the report.

Once you are happy with your selections, click Preview.

The following image shows the report generated with Totals for each Meal Type/Group selected, along with how many of those meals are free and paid for. It includes any Staff Meals/Custom Meals if you are using the system for that. The final section displays any Students that have Dietary/Medical Conditions (dependent on what Condition Type you select in the parameter screen).

The following image shows the final section/pages of the report if you have selected to show Student Details and Staff Details. Students will be sorted into their Tutor Groups in this section and their Medical/Dietary Conditions (if any) will also show here, Staff will be displayed alphabetically. You will also see a Total of each Meal Type at the bottom of the table.

Updated on May 18, 2022

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