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How to View Cover Reports

Cover Managers can use this guide to see examples of the various built in Cover Reports. Click on the Report Title in Red to see examples.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Cover Reports page is found in the Cover Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.


See also How to Arrange Cover, How to Create Staff Absence using Cover if you need to send the Reports on a regular basis via email you can Schedule the Reports as per this guide.

From the left go to  Reports>Cover to see the built in Reports


Absences Report:

The Absences report will give detailed information in Staff Name format on absences that have taken place as of a specific date

Class Cover:

The Class Cover report gives detailed information on classes that have received cover with the option to include staff cover for and covered by.

Cover Sheet:

The Cover Sheet report allows users to define and produce a table or list displaying any cover that has taken place on a specific date.

Cover Slip:

The Cover Slip report allows users to create a notification of cover slip which details for each member of Staff Covering the Period, Class Name, Subject, Location, Absence Reason and any Special Instructions

Individual Staff Cover Report:

The Individual Staff Cover report provides users with a detailed page of information that relates to staff cover on an individual basis with the function to compare Covered By to Cover Taken over a date range


The Overview report gives a detailed overview of all events located within the Cover module so shows how much Cover has been taken detailed per member of staff in Registration, Lessons, Breaks and Total Time.

Staff Absence Analysis Report:

The Staff Absence Analysis report will output an analysis of all staff absences within a user defined date range.

Student Cover:

The Student Cover report gives detailed information on any students who have received cover. With the ability to show detail for Staff Information and Specific lessons over a period of time

Updated on June 20, 2023

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