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How to Schedule a Report via Email

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to Schedule a Report on Bromcom to be sent out via Email.

For this example I have selected the Student Attendance Report by going to Reports on the side Menu, Attendance then Student Attendance.


Step one is to select your desired Report then set your Parameters (Date Range/Students/ any Tick Boxes) as you normally would when previewing the Report.

Once you have set your Parameters, instead of Previewing the Report you are going to press Schedule.

The process is the same when Scheduling Adhoc Reports too, but you would need to find the Report within Reports>Adhoc>View All Reports instead.

Adhoc Pathway

Once you have found your Adhoc Report, highlight it by ticking the left tick box and press Run.

Adhoc Reports

Once you have a Report open, pressing Schedule will take you to the next screen where you will have 3 Export options – Export to file/Email/My Reports. For this process you would select Email.

DMS Options

The Format dropdown is for you to select which type of File you wish to send the Report as, while the DMS options control other functions:

Single Document – If multiple Students are selected, ticking this keeps all of the data together in one file. Note: Please ensure to UNTICK this if Publishing to MCAS or Student Portal otherwise the collective data in the Report will be published to each account.

Multiple Documents – If multiple Students are selected, ticking this will split the data in to multiple Reports based on each Students unique ID. Note: These Reports will show in the DMS with a Focus against the Student.

Save DMS Copy – This will be greyed out but required for this process as the Reports will store in the DMS so you can ignore this.

Publish to MCAS – If ticked, this will publish the Report to Parents MCAS Accounts when you finish the next step.

Publish to Student Portal – if ticked, this will publish the Report to Student’s Student Portal accounts when you finish the next step.

Save Local Copy – This will store a copy of the Report on your PC locally out of Bromcom. Note: This will be greyed out as we are not generating the Report in this process so there is nothing to save.

Underneath the DMS Options, you will have some additional boxes (To, Cc, Bcc, Subject & Message which you can type in to. Note: Subject & Message are optional but To is required.

To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Message

You will also see there are Add/Edit/Delete buttons. Pressing Add will allow you to choose from some system generated recipient options such as Head of House, Deputy Head of Department or Head of Year. Using Edit/Delete you can amend/remove those that you previously added.

Built in Recipient options

Once you are happy with this section and have set your recipients, press Next.

You should now have a new page with some Schedule options as seen below;

Default options

The Schedule dropdown at the top of the page is for setting how frequently you want this Scheduled Report to run, Daily or Weekly would be the most common/practical.

Schedule Options

Selecting Daily or Weekly will leave you with a Start Time box and Include in Schedule from/until selectors.

You would set these as the desired time/date you want this process to begin and provide an end date or leave it open so that it runs continuously.

Page view when set to Weekly

Lastly, at the bottom of the page you have Start Date and End Date fields with Fixed set by default in the dropdown.

If these are set to Fixed, the Report will look at the data purely based on the Parameters that you set in the earlier steps.

You have the ability to change this by selecting Relative to the Academic Day/Week.

These options are for fine tuning which data the process looks at, so using these will bypass the Date Parameters that you set in earlier steps.

Start/End Date options

Relative to the Academic Day or Week offer the most flexibility. When you select either of these you now then see a Number Selector appear to the right/ Please see below;

Number Selectors

These selectors work in the following way;

Relative to the Academic Day 0, would be today’s data.

Relative to the Academic Day -2, would be 2 days ago’s data.

Relative to the Academic Week -4 would be 4 weeks ago’s data.

Note: These can be affected by your earlier Schedule choice and the include in Schedule from/until dates so make sure the dates you want are covered/included.

An example would be if I want the Report to send out every Friday at 3pm, this is how I would configure the Report;

Once you have chosen your settings, press Done and this will confirm your selections which will now set the Schedule based on the settings you selected prior.

Amending or Deleting a Scheduled Report

To delete a scheduled report go to My Account>Scheduled Reports

My Account – Scheduled Reports

Note: Scheduled Reports by default will load any Reports that you have personally Scheduled, you can tick Show All Users Scheduled Reports to find Reports from other users if required.

Once you can see the Report, select it and click Delete.

Delete a Scheduled Report

To amend the Scheduled Report, you would take the same path but press Schedule Settings instead of Delete once you have selected the Report.

Amend a Scheduled Report

This will essentially take you through the editing process of the Schedule, where you determine the recipients etc.

Unless you want to amend anything here, you can just press Next.

Schedule Settings – Part 1

You will then be taken to the actual Schedule of the Report which you can amend as desired.

Once you are happy, press Done and this will update the Schedule Settings for the Report.

Schedule Settings – Part 2

Updated on August 15, 2022

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