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Teacher Strikes 2023

The NEU has announced upcoming strike action taking place on 7 days across February and March 2023.

Please see our guidance below for how to manage this in Bromcom. Please note that not every step will apply to every school.

DFE guidance – DFE – Handling Strike Action Guide

Amending your academic days to show school closure: This will be effective if school is closed for either a half day or full day – How to Edit Academic Days – Bromcom

Check any submitted lunch by menus – Resetting Dinner Numbers – Bromcom

Amend any club bookings – How to Edit and Maintain a Club – Bromcom

Re-schedule detentions – How to Escalate and Reschedule Detentions – Bromcom (Please do this before amending your academic days)

Update attendance marks – How to Use Bulk Attendance Update – Bromcom – Please check that the selected dates are accurate as this will overwrite any marks in the system currently if you have selected incorrect dates.

Updated on February 4, 2023

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