How to Edit Academic Days

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See also: How to Create a New Academic Calendar.

Use this guide to add Staff Only Days, School Holidays and Bank Holidays to your MIS.

See here for DfE guidance on attendance.

From  the Home Screen choose Config>Curriculum>Academic Days .

Curriculum Maintaining Academic Days 001
Academic Days Pathway.

Select the Academic Days

To edit the Academic Days, select the required Academic Year from the dropdown menu and click Edit.

Curriculum Maintaining Academic Days 002

The page opens with the Current Term or First term, if you’ve selected a future calendar.

Curriculum Maintaining Academic Days 003

The Key and Display explains the details of the current view:

Day Status – is the Key to the Codes used

Calendar defined using the following period structure(s)– the Period Structure you are looking at

Colour Dropdown –  the colour assigned for your different Period Structures 

Display Timetable Days – choose to display by the Timetable Days applied for each day of each week

Display Week Labels – choose to display by the Timetable Week

Edit the Days

Click on the edit Pencil icon for the required week.

Add appropriate Codes for each day’s AM/PM as required.

Curriculum Maintaining Academic Days 005
Curriculum Maintaining Academic Days 006

Save when finished for that week and repeat for each week as required.

Reveal or hide the Terms by clicking on blue arrow to the right of each Term heading.

Curriculum Maintaining Academic Days 009

Cascade Timetable on Save is generally used for Timetables with more than a one week cycle.

For example, where a school has made changes to the Calendar and wants to ensure a two-week Timetable Cycle is maintained after the changes. You also have the options to Cascade changes only within this term or Cascade changes in this term and all subsequent terms.

Click the Week number and amend each of the Timetable Days to reflect the required week’s Timetable Days and then select the relevant Radio button.

Repeat the process through the Terms if necessary until the desired Academic Days Structure has been completed.

Updated on May 25, 2023

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