A2C Exchange Guide

Setting up and using the Integrated Examination Submissions Process.

IMPORTANT : we strongly recommend checking with the exam boards directly to ensure they have the submissions files.

Important note: Following a number of queries raised during the summer 2023 exam season concerning files not reaching the appropriate examination board we have added two improvements to tighten up the process and to ensure we receive an acknowledgment from the secure carrier.

Change 1: The File Name uses the Centre Number stored within the examination configuration area and this must match the Secure Certificate before a file can be submitted. If it does not match, the file will return a failed message and this will prevent Centres using incorrect credentials which do not belong to that Centre

Change 2: Once a file has been submitted the Sent On field will only return a date if the system has received the appropriate response to say that the system has despatched the file. If the system does not receive this response it will return a failed status. The user should then go to the A2C set up and refresh the connection before trying again.

Updated on November 27, 2023

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