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Exams Results FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Exams Results Day

See here for further Exam Results guidance.

Q. How do I Embargo Results?

  • A. Config> Examinations > Seasons select the Active Season and Edit > checkbox Results Embargoed?
  • Permissions: If you need your system Administrator to give certain roles access to this permission, they can do this via the following process: Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions > Select a role > Edit > select the Examination module > Tick the access permission under Examination > Maintenance > Configurations > View Embargoed Results

Q. How to Remove an Entry for a Student?

  • A. Manage Candidates > select Candidate > Edit > change mode from C (centre) to W (withdrawn)

Q. I am unable to see Basedata?

  • A. Check when Season ended
  • A: Make sure Basedata is for the Season you are working on

Q. I can’t Import Basedata

  • A. Check that Exam Board Status is enabled Config > Exam > Exam Boards > Select board and Edit > Enable Board

Q. Student appearing on Results Import when they don’t have an Exam in that Season?

  • A. Is there a Candidate with NO UCI Number?
  • A. Is there a Results file also with blanks?
  • A. Assign all Candidates a UCI Number

 Q. Assign Candidate/UCI numbers via import not working?

  • A. Modules > Exams > Manage Candidates > Actions > Assign UCI and Candidate Numbers Any number in this range already assigned will not be reassigned

Q. Results File not Importing/Results not in grade range

  • A. What Board?
  • A. Review Results File
  • A. What Exam Board do the Results belong to and is it consistent with the Basedata?
  • A. Is Basedata updated? If not, update then Import Results once more (Import Results > Previously Imported)

Q. We have manually entered some Results but on the Results slip for the Students the Grade is being listed under Equiv rather than Results? Why is this?

  • A. If you want those Results to appear in the Result column of the Report I could                suggest that on the Report Parameters page there is a tick box called “Non EDI entries in           Results column” which will put any Non EDI Results into the Results column.

Q. I’ve imported my results file and it’s not appearing? Why’s this?

  • A. This could potentially be down to the File not being set for the Correct Month/Year of your Summer Season.
  • A. You can Open the File using Notepad, and please check the Top Line of the File. Check Characters 10-13 – e.g. 9I20. This is the Month and Year that this Results File is for (I.E 9I20 would be September 2020).
  • Please ensure you’re Importing the File into the Season that contains this Month/Year combination where you can use that Season for those Results. (In this example, it will not Import into Summer 2021, as this is unlikely to contain September 2020 in the Season) For any questions on this, please discuss with the relevant Exam Board.

Q. Students in Results File not matching?

  •  A. Results *may* match on UCI – what UCI is in the Results File vs. the MIS?

Q. Results by Student report not showing all results?

  • A.Modules> Exams > Manage Candidates > find Candidate & Edit > are there Entries & Results here?

Q. I’m getting a Session Timeout Error when running my Reports, why?

  • A. The error message should say to press the Refresh button. This is located at the top left of the Menu Bar of the report.
Updated on June 23, 2022

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